Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rajnikanth... for PM!

Our hero, Rajnikanth is sick rey... he was flown to Singapore and admitted to them ICU ... get well soon Rajni dai! And since our netas are still trying to figure out who will be the head coach for the next three months... I suggest ... we make Rajni our PM kya!

No, he is a Desi.... so what? Our so-called netas are always meeting them RAW agents and Desi ambassador and kissing their arses... if Rajni is our PM then our netas can save on them air tickets and hotel sotel kya! They can always go to Baluwatar and kiss Rajni's arse!

Everybody is into political parties these days. So why not we ... open one ourselves as well? Instead of them Mao, Lenin, Stalin ... them grumpy old men ko photos... we will have our three superstars from the Dosa, Burger and Dumpling lands!

Yes..Rajnikanth, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan ko photo haroo taloom nuh hamro banner maa! We can name our party .. 'Nepal RCJ Party' or something like that. And when Rajni is our PM, we can't blame him for all them double speak nataks.. because he speaks Tamil and we won't understand a thing kya!

Rajni won't need them double security or triple-decker security like our Mao-buddies. We save our taxpayers money ni! No gas-guzzling SUVs and traffic jams ... and if there is a bandh, Rajni dai will clear it by himself. He don't need no chor-police or them army srmy folks kya and he has enough current surrent that if he puts his finger into them transmission line sine.... there will be no loadshedding rey!

And we thought Prachandoo was a crackpot but looks like even his son, our current Crown Prince, Prakash Dahal (Prada) is not only smoking crack but he must be getting high on them glue stuff as well! He plans to climb Mt. Everest and plant them Maoist flag slag rey!

You can't climb them mountains by drinking all day and crashing in them sofas kya! And he is going to climb Everest with his two bodyguards rey! Lau.. badhai cha... but climbing them mountains is not easy ... first try walking from Naya Bazar to Paris Danda kya!

If it had been Rajni, he would have climbed all by himself in a t-shirt and a kattoo.. tyo pani .. beating Usain bolt's 100m dash ko record secord!

Prakashey's real name is 'Sakar Dahal' rey... I think he needs to add another 'r' hola... make it 'Sarkar' .. hehe .. and even though he has not even bought any running shoes (ali ali training tuh garnoo paryo ni!) and needs to be reminded that chicken chilly and whisky is not a good diet for them climbing slimbing thing... but he is vary vary confident that he will climb Everest rey!

So ... as a last option soption.. chahi.. Sarkar Dahal can hire our Sherpa brothers to be his guide hola and if he can't make it on his own then they can carry him in them doko soko.... and now all them hotel sotel wallahs in them Everest area should be worried because where go Mao-buddies.. there come extortion kya!

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