Friday, September 18, 2009

Film South Asia!

Attended the 'Film South Asia' thing yesterday... Sabhana Azmi is still hot... beautiful ... sexy .. DAMN! And like any of our Nepali programs, the so-called opening ceremony started an hour late! Thank God... if it was a Sarkari event then you would need a sack full of Paan-Parag , waiting for some latthoo minister to show up!

Well, our current Information Minister was there and he was seated right beside Ms. Azmi and instead of hitting on her ... he was looking the other way. Mr. T would have said 'You FOOL!' ... and then Ms. Azmi asked him something and he was like "WHo...what?"... Even clowns like us ...seating far away from the dais could figure out that she was asking our Hon' monster... the name of the spunky hyper-clown who was speaking about 'Film South Asia'...

Well, the hyper-clown was Kanak Mani Dixit! The Dixit brothers have the INGO/Diplomatic circles in their pocket! So if the Maoists really take over Nepal and do their 'Pol Pot' natak then don't be surprised if the Amriki Embassy sends a chopper from Delhi to pick up Kanak dai.. hahah! Yes that's how tight they are with the dollar crowd!

Okay, I don't want to bitch about Kanak dai here today ... Congratulate him for winning some kind of Prince Claus award, 25lakh+ prize money from a distant prince related to Santa Claus! And yes it's a good thing that he donated his prize money for this year's FSA! After all them Rato Bangla, Jagadamba press are doing quite okay even though we live in a crazy 'daang doong' world!

Then we heard few speeches from the Hon' minister, Ms. Azmi and then some tall Black guy, some film critic dude from South India. This dude was great.... and that was the only time I clapped when he talked about 'the kind of democracy we have to live in (SAARC!) .. .or if we can call it a democracy!" or something like that!

Ms. Azmi ended with a Shayar, Kanak ended with 'I don't know what' because he was speaking 780 words per minute, that most of us couldn't figure out if he was high on coke and just speaking gibberish or he was practicing some tongue-twisters!

Then finally after two hours of blabbering, we got to watch the opening show ... some Desi documentary about the folks in Ladakh and their film industry! I really enjoyed this documentary about folks from Ladakh making movies and the people behind it were local cops, school teachers, cab drivers .....

Then it was tyam for Chiya-paan... and our patrkar folks, as always were first in line to grab 3 sandwiches, 6 pakoras and two so-called cakes! Yes, I counted the plate from the first Patrakar who managed to win the 'KHaaja' race!

Now I have an idea.... I want to make movies about our local cabbies... I hear there are over 7,000 taxis in KTM! So if we calculate two shifts, then we have 14,000 drivers! Then Add their wives, mistresses, kids, illegitimate kids, parents, brothers, sisters .... probably could go up to 100,000!

And if they pay 50 Rupees at the local cinema hall to see my movie then that would be 50lakhs! The hall-wallahs take 50%, then its down to 25lakhs... So if I can make a movie for 20 ... then I get to go home with 500,000 Rupees!

Ani tyo pani feri ... donation bhaney-raw 101 armed outfits haroo ko 'love letter' auney hola ni!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I think 'Swine' Flu is finally here. Maybe it's the 'garmi-paani' season and sabai jana haroo are walking around as if they were busy cutting onions! And thanks to my 'buddy'... I have got that 'flu' thing but I hope it's not that 'Swine' Flu stuff... probably 'Wine' Flu... had too much wine @ a 9-09-09 party organized by a friend!

And if them Amigos were right then the world will end ... 2012! So, why the hell are we so worried about our 'New' constitution? Tomorrow ... Thank the Maoists... it's Friday (TMIF) and they are planning to have a rally @ 12 and a big-arse Aaam-Sabha @ Khula Manch where the 'Supremo' (miss them Taco Bell ko 'Supreme' stuff!) will do his 'Michael Jackson' Tribute!

And then come this Saturday, there is this 'big' Kathmandu Marathon.. only the organizers and few runner-types know about it! Hope the Maoists won't continue their daang-doong during the weekend or else even the runner-wallahs will have to stay home!

Okay, we got the new 'Army' cheef-saheb! And the 'Tamu' Folks are all.. Yes! This is it! Well, no this is not it.... Just because we have a Madeshi President, a Jan-Jaati Army Guy doesn't mean things are actually getting better! Yes, Obama is he Prezzie but it's still the White Man's World! And here in Nepal, (with due respect to the Brahmins!)... It is still a NBC World!

Well, if we were to rank them accding to their power/money/status then it would be BCN but NBC sounds better, like them Amriki TV network! Yes, its 80%-Brahmins/15%-Chettris/5% Newars when it comes to all them big-sarkari posts!

Nothing wrong with that.... if we look at all our head coaches, all of them are Brahimins.... And just the other day... there was this big banner by some 'Dalit' orgyzzs (means organizations not whatever u were thinking!) and it read "Down with Male-leaders.... !".... yes, that's what I have been saying .... "It's about time we had a all-female or all-Jan-Jaati leaders fighting with each other instead of only Makune-Girijay-Dhallu and them Chandraguptas!"

*** Well, even with our Jan-Jaatis/Dalit/whatever folks, there is them A, B, C and D class thing. I didn't even know that even with the Dalits, there are them 'big' castes and the 'untouchables'.... man, maybe we need some 'Sean Connery' to blow up some arses!

I have no idea what I have been typing for the last five minutes.... this Cough Syrup is giving him a 'high' ... reminds me of them 'Fancy-Deal' days.... MJ was still alive and rocking, Bhusan Dahal was just a pig-me doing his Sunday Pop and Bijay Kumar was the 'man' ....

MJ is dead, Pig-me is now a big TV honcho, Bijay Kumar is still the 'man' ... ! I really wanted to quit this 'blogging' thing... but maybe that's like saying 'I want to take the vow of celibacy from tomorrow' or something like that !