Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Years Resolutions!

My New Years Resolutions (Nepal Sambat!)

1. Stop swearing like a sailor ... finally realized that Nepal does not have a NAVY!

2. Stop smoking like a chimney ... start chewing mittha paan!

3. Stop complaining about everything .... tension leney... ka nahi deney kaa!

4. Start using public transportation more often ... save money ... to buy more paan!

5. Start watching Kollywood movies ... not them new-gen stuff (even if Namrata's 'Ice Cream' video is the current Box Office Hit!)... but them usual masala-mix 80s Bollywood love-tragedy-fight-sight copy-cat stuff!

6. Eat more veggies ...and act like I am offended by non-veggie jokes!

7. Stop eating out... eat in .. Mom's cooking is always the best!

8. Stop worrying about finding the right one... leave it to destiny or one of them Destiny's Child... Saaley Bhaatey Jay-Z!

9. Stop talking shit about Abhishekh's wife just because I think Sushmita Sen has more oooomph!

10.Stop talking about "French" Revolution and start talking about French Skin-lotion!This is what happens when you drink vodka-beer-kodo-tongba-chyaang ... all mixed together!

And I forgot to add the #11 ... final one before the world ends (2012 here we come!).... Einstein Chor... all my life I really thought imagination was more important than knowledge... now I just want mo' knowledge ... maybe I should memorize Ka...ma Sutra by heart?

Oh! God..... I need some Prozac!