Saturday, July 14, 2018

Heil Oli!

It seems that our incompetent government can't get anything right. We expected Oli and our Emperor to work together to make this country great and make us all prosperous. But it seems that our great comrades had no intention to do anything for the people in the first place. Instead, our comrades were only interested to help their byapari friends while ignoring the demands of the ordinary citizens. 

Our government promised to end the 'syndicate' system in our transport sector but instead transferred the hakim saheb who wanted to get rid of the 'transport mafia' in the country. The mantra who also happens to be the brother-in-law of so-called richest NRN has even called byaparis and assured them that they will not be arrested. That's how our system works. When a mantri protects chor byaparis then how can honest civil servants take any action against them?

Our Home Minister promised to crack down on slimy contractors but has failed to take action against those who are close to our Emperor and the man in Baluwatar. Instead, our government is busy kidnapping a doctor for not helping our former rebel soldiers to get fake medical reports while a Professor is prevented from going abroad for a conference and instead asked to spend a few hours in Baluwatar so that he can miss his flight. 

Our Oli government is in a hurry to get rid of all 'Congressi' appointees so that they can get their own 'Communist' pals on board. After all, most of our government agencies are money making machines for our political parties. So if your cousin is appointed to head any of our government agency then be confident that he or she will have to earn millions for the political parties or else no thulo jobs the next time around.

Our politicians make money from lucrative postings and promotions of our government officials. Our sarkari hakim sahebs who are appointed in the 'khaney' places are there not because they are honest and competent but because they have managed to give boras of cash to the mantri's personal aide (PA). Yes, our mantris do not take bribes personally. Their PA does the job of taking the money while the mantri only has to sign the file that helps to dole out funds to con artists, government contracts to slimy contractors and lucrative postings and promotions to laz y but loaded civil servants.

Our Oli government doesn't care about the hunger strikes staged by Dr KC and Ganga Maya because these folks do not matter. The lives of ordinary citizens do not matter to this government. Our Home Minister is busy offering juice to the person who is behind the murder of police personnel in Tikapur while our police wallahs can do nothing but salute the same chors.  How will we motivate our civil servants when they know very well that this country is being run by a bunch of pickpockets?

This greatest communist government on earth is not even prepared to deal with the monsoon madness that displaces thousands of families every year. Hundreds of Nepalis lose their lives in floods and landslides every year but our government officials do not prepare our security forces to deal with natural disaster. This government like the previous ones is silent when it comes to the flood in the plains. 

We know very well that some of the areas could be saved if we had an open communication channel with the Desis across the border. But it seems that our politicians can talk about nationalism and sovereignty all day but are quiet when our border areas are encroached upon and our plains are flooded due to the barrages and embankments across the border. Our politicians lack the courage to face India and work with the Desis to minimize the floods. We could save lives, homes and billions of Rupees in losses if our civil servants met their counterparts across the border to work out a plan to make sure that lives and property are saved from floods every year.

Now, we finally get to see rafts in Bhaktapur. It's about time, we just flood the streets of Kathmandu and be the 'Venice' of the East. We don't have to breathe in fumes, dust and other harmful particles if our roads turn into canals and instead of the buses and other vehicles, we can all take the boats to work every day. 

Yes, and we don't have to worry about traffic jams whenever our dear President has to take a ride out of the President's House. I think our President, Prime Monster and mantris should not be inaugurating conferences and other silly events. We could save millions of Rupees in chiya kharcha, transportation, fuel and security if we managed to cut down on such ribbon-cutting events for our thulo mancheys. 

Instead of spending billions of dollars on fuel and vehicles every year, let us get boats and rafts for the valley residents. And we could even have a mini hydropower from all the water in the valley. So, let us all block the drains we have left in the city. Oh! I forgot, most of them are already blocked.Let us be a river city and maybe we can make more money from tourists as well. 

Oli is a dreamer. He dreams big. It was all good but now, it seems that Oli and his courtiers want to be dictators as well. Now, that's not good.  The government that has received the mandate to govern this country for five years has already wasted five months by doing nothing for the people.

Instead, we pay more taxes and we get nothing in return.  Oli, you don't need to give us trains and ships and no, don't even think about sending Deuba to Mars. Just give us roads without potholes. Give us affordable healthcare and quality education. But do not give us empty dreams while emptying our pockets. Be a leader, not a pickpocket. Be a doer not a freeloader! Heil Oli!

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Crazy Authoritarian Doctor

I think we are all tired of Dr KC now. Why is only Dr KC worried about the health care system and the quality of medical schools in this great country of ours when the rest of us are happy with the shoddy medical services for exorbitant fees and really don't care if byaparis make billions by opening medical schools and providing substandard education to produce incompetent medical doctors? After all, investors in medical school care more about profit rather than producing competent doctors! 

We have the best public hospitals in the world where medical equipments worth millions go to waste because our doctors don't use it and instead refer patients to their private clinics. 

We have the best private hospitals in the world where a patient is charged thousands of Rupees each day for tests that are not needed and the final bill comes to lakhs and either the family of the patient has to sell their land to clear the bill or just allow the hospital to take the patient hostage until the dues are cleared. 

Yes, this is a nation where we have seen successive socialist and communist governments favor byaparis over common folks in all sectors. When will we get a government that really cares about the people and not pee on the people instead? When will our corrupt netas stay home and go to our public hospitals for medical treatment instead of going to India, Thailand, Singapore and even Amrika? 

Our former President needs someone from Amrika to feel his prostate. Our politicians believe that Desi doctors are better than our own. Instead of opening a world-class public hospital in the country, our chor netas waste millions of Rupees for medical treatment overseas. And we the people, don't complain and take to the streets and hold our corrupt chors accountable for their misdeeds. 

We just bitch ad whine and curse whenever we see our mini-Maharajas ride around Kathmandu in their luxury vehicles, followed by armed police wallahs. 
But Dr Saheb is different. He is not after money, power or other freebies. 

He just wants the country to produce good doctors. He just wants the poor to get adequate health care. He just wants what's best for the country when it comes to the medical sector. But our politicians don't like him because most of them have shares in private medical hospitals or want to open medical schools to make some extra money. 

Our great communists think Dr Saheb is crazy, authoritarian and a pain in the ass. Yes, a lone crusader fighting against the system is crazy. Where are our civil society folks? Where are our so-called Facebook activists?  Yes, we want people like Dr  Saheb to lead the country instead of the usual pickpockets stealing our wallets all the time. 

After all, most of our so-called communists have investment in colleges, 
hospitals and even NGOs in this land. Dr Saheb is against the medical mafia in this country. Why can't the government establish medical schools in each province instead of allowing byaparis to make tons of moolah from private medical schools?

I think the man should just let it go and do his job instead of fighting the system. Yes, Dr. Saheb , aren't you tired of going on hunger strikes again and again. The crazy doctor is now in Jumla and is now at the emergency unit of the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS). 

It seems that our great Oli government doesn't care about the quality of medical schools in this country. They just want to allow their near and dear ones make money from charging medical students tons of money to become doctors.

Our incompetent government wants Dr KC to die. Yes, that's the truth and if Dr KC goes to heaven then they will be no one to complain, stage hunger strikes and fight against our mini-Maharajas! Dr KC is also not afraid to die. He tells us that he is ready to die in Karnali!

Dr Saheb has vowed to stay in Jumla until his demands are addressed. This crazy doctor just wants what's best for this country when it comes to health care and medical education. Why can't we stand up and support him. Aren't we ashamed that this lone crusader is fighting alone against the medical mafia and yet most of us are least bothered about it?

Our incompetent government should put Dr KC in jail. This man is menace to the political establishment. He is a threat to our byaparis and politicians who want to make quick bucks from the medical sector. This man is a bad example to the youth. 

We have a Prime Minister who thinks big. We will be hopping on a train from Kathmandu to Kerung. We will be taking a ship from Kathmandu to Kolkata. We must allow our byaparis and netas to open as many medical schools in the country so that folks who can afford the fees can be doctors and our netas can profit from it.

God Bless Oli. God Bless our great comrades. Down with Dr KC, who wants to stop us from becoming the land of low-quality medical schools! At the end of the day, Dr Saheb will be remembered for his work in the medical field and his hunger strikes to bring reforms in the medical sector. 

How will Oli and his courtiers be remembered for? They will be remembered for nothing. Dr KC may die tomorrow but he will die happy knowing he did his best to fight against the corrupt system.  

One person is enough to shake the system. Just imagine if million of us took to the streets and began our own hunger strikes. Yes, it is possible to destroy the corrupt of system of ours if we support each other to fight against our corrupt chors. You don't need to form a political party. You just need courage!

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