Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hammers & Helmets

Our incompetent government just can't seem to get anything right. Hundreds of thousands of folks have yet to receive tents while our government has already moved on and now want to provide Rs 15,000 for each affected family so that they can buy zinc sheets to build temporary shelters.

Cash is not everything. Even if you have a bora of cash, what good is it if you can't buy the stuff you need? Our lazy civil servants very well know that they can't buy or even import enough zinc sheets to help the affected families. 

They want the easy way out by providing Rs 15,000 and we all know that it will take months before the affected families receive the money. Most of the funds will be distributed not to those in need but the near and dear ones of our local leaders in the affected areas.

Monsoon will be here in a few weeks and our government does not seem to be in a hurry to help the affected families to build temporary shelters to protect themselves from the rain. 

Our politicians and civil servants are never in a hurry to do good for the country and its citizens. But they are always in a hurry to get from one part of the city to another with sirens blazing and armed security personnel waving at us to either stop or give way to the speeding vehicles of our corrupt and inefficient politicians. 

Yes, our politicians are always in a hurry to get to meeting where they will decide how to loot the state treasury and make the lives of the loved ones better while the affected families will get a few Rupees and nothing more.

Our inefficient government failed to provide enough tents to the affected families. We hear that our government has already received half a million tents. I guess those tents will be out in the market soon and our byaparis and bureaucrats can make some dough while our buffoons will get a piece of the cut as well.

Our politicians visit their constituencies and promise our brothers and sisters the moon during election times. Now, when they need help, our politicians offer nothing but yet another promise to help them rebuild. 

Our political parties are busy hosting press conferences to tell us that they will mobilize their cadres to help those in need. We all know that it is just another of their empty promises which will never be fulfilled.

Our comrades seem to be competing with each other on how to come up with outlandish gimmicks. Comedian Oli plans to mobilize thousands of his cadres to help the most affected districts. Our Emperor doesn't want to be left behind. He has also promised that his comrades will go out there and help rebuild homes, schools and whatever they think they can rebuild.

Our comrades invite the media to listen to their hawa-tari promises and do photo-ops with helmets and hammers. We all know that they will ask the government to provide the funds to their cadres in their so-called 'rebuilding project'. The top leaders will make millions while the cadres will get some chiya kharcha. 

If our political parties are really pumped up to help the affected families then they should not focus only on their cadres but call upon able citizens to help as well. Ask the government to form a 'national volunteer campaign committee' and mobilize able citizens to the affected areas to work with our security personnel, engineers and other relief workers.

Our political parties think they will earn some goodwill and win the hearts and minds of the common folks. They are wrong. If you really want to help then mobilize your cadres to cross the border and buy zinc sheets with your own party funds and then distribute it to the affected families in remote areas. 

Do not cook up schemes in the name of rebuilding with the only intent to somehow to get hold of the funds meant for the needy for your own party leaders. The cadres may have good intentions but the leaders only want to use them for their self-interest. 

It's about time our cadres open their eyes and see the true colors of the venom-spewing reptiles. Help the affected families as a citizen of this country. Work with other brothers and sisters as a Nepali not in the name of a useless political party. 

Do it for the country and its citizens. Do not be the pawn of our corrupt clowns. These clowns will use you and dispose you when you are no longer beneficial to them.

If you really want to help then help the lazy bums at our district administration offices to collect information about the affected families and their homes. Help the government to provide the funds to the real victims. Make sure that our civil servants are doing the right job. Help them to be transparent and efficient when distributing the funds to the needy families. Do not misuse the funds for yourself and chamchas.

We all know that we can get on the right track if our political parties work together and help our civil servants to effectively mobilize the funds and materials for the affected families.  But our politicians simply lack the political will to get things done. 

We all know that they have had enough of wine and dine. Now, it's about time we do something to straighten their spine. Let us support each other and not be a bystander when cadres beat up a person for exercising his freedom of speech. It seems that common citizens are the enemy of our angry savages while they follow their corrupt clowns with blind zeal.

Let's hope our politicians and their cadres will not use the helmets and hammers as mementos in their living room for the work they will never do. It's good to hear that our Emperor wants to mobilize his 'Peace' army to help our brothers and sisters. 

Let us all hope that they will do a good job instead of the top leaders asking for a piece of the rebuilding funds to rebuild their own homes and fatten their bank accounts.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tents for our Troublemakers

Our Constipated Assembly (CA) members demanded tents for temporary shelter after the second Big One that hit us on Tuesday. We already knew that our good for nothing freeloaders were incompetent, corrupt and greedy band of thieves but such demands have shown us how low they can stoop to collect freebies for themselves.

We are paying our clowns to write a constitution and so far, they have come up with nothing but the usual fighting over how many provinces or what kind of governance we need. And the earthquakes have now probably postponed any talks on how to move forward to deliver us a constitution by at least a year.

Our incompetent government has not been able to provide adequate tents or other relief materials to the affected districts but yet they decided to provide tents to all our troublemakers.

After our media wallahs reported the story, many freeloaders decided to return the tents but there are still others who would rather take any freebies from the government instead of visiting their constituencies and help in the relief and rescue works.

It's just sad that our idiots were seen smiling as they grabbed their tents and walked out of the CA building. Why not provide them with boras of rice, dal and packets of Wai Wai as well? After all, we need to provide gaas, baas and kapaas to these slimy bastards? Yes, take all the good tents sent by the bideshis and give it to our jackals. 

Our Finance Minister tells us that our government has received tuna and mayonnaise  and such stuff are no good for us. I guess somebody needs to tell our Rammy brother that when somebody gives you lemons then you make lemonade not whine and cry like a buffoon. If they gave us tuna and mayo then our government should provide breads so that folks can make tuna sandwiches. 

I guess our incompetent clowns just wanted hard cold cash instead of tents, medicines and food packets. After all, they can't sell these stuff and make a killing. If our government received tons of cash then they can pay off their cadres, cousins and contractors in the name of rebuilding and rehabilitation of the affected districts.

Our great veteran tennis player, Kamal Thapa announced that his party will not use the tents provided by the government. At least we have someone who doesn't want tents meant for the earthquake victims. But Kamal dai should take inspiration from his so-called 'chariot' race all over the country to bring 'Hindu' back. 

Why not carry our another 'Rath-Yatra' this time and mobilize your cadres to build temporary shelters and even cook food for the affected families. If the Sikhs can come to our country and help out to serve hot meals to our folks then why can't our political parties perform such acts of kindness to help our own brothers and sisters?

Many of our folks in the villages have already started to build temporary shelters by themselves with whatever resources they have. Our great comedian, KP Oli , who was lucky enough to climb Daharara before it crumbled down tells us that we need 2 million corrugated sheets for our affected families. 

And his party, CPN-UML plans to mobilize 200,000 cadres to help rebuild the homes across the country. It all sounds good but the reality is that each cadre would want at least ten sheets and it will probably be used to build garages or even add another room for their own homes instead of going to common folks.

What our brothers and sisters need are competent engineers who can help to rebuild their homes not incompetent evil-doers who only know how to loot the funds meant for the earthquake victims. 

We know that our government does not have adequate resources or manpower to rebuild our country from such catastrophe but they don't want bideshis to provide any other help except cash.

Why not give the Chinese the opportunity to rebuild Sindupalchowk and Dolakha? And of course, if we do that then our Desi chimekis want to compete with the Chinese. I guess Modi and his fellow brothers and sisters can help out in Gorkha. Our chimekis can assist our security personnel to carry out relief and rebuilding works in the most affected regions. 

Our government can call upon our young and the willing to help out as well. But of course, our incompetent jackasses don't want any bideshi help or even the help from our own brothers and sisters. All our government can think of right now is not how to help rebuild but how to come up with dirty schemes to distribute the relief funds amongst themselves and other political parties. 

Our politicians have failed us and they are not going to do anything to ask the government to carry out rebuilding efforts as soon as possible because they are fighting amongst themselves on how to loot the funds. 

Our security personnel have done a great job even with limited resources and yet our government wants to deduct from their pay for the PM's relief fund. This is not acceptable. Our men and women in the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and the Nepal Army are carrying out relief works even though many of their homes and families have been affected and this is not how we repay their great deeds. 

Give them extra allowances and help rebuild their homes instead of squeezing the salaries of low-level security personnel. Our hakim sahebs and politicians should donate their salaries for a year to the PM's relief fund instead. 

After all, these blood sucking parasites do not need the monthly paycheck to run their households. They make enough from all the bribes and other dirty deals with byaparis and contractors.

Let us all hope that we will all be safe and take precautions when we experience more aftershocks. Let us all help each other out and help a family to rebuild their homes. Let us not depend on our incompetent and corrupt government and political parties. 

We are Nepalis and we love our country. Our politicians and hakim sahebs are also Nepalis but they are traitors who have no love for our country and the common citizens. The future will judge them and decide what's best for them.