Saturday, December 19, 2009

3 day 'Climate Change' protest?

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year .... everyone!

Our Maocummies are @ it again! 3 day shut down against this 'climate change' naatak! Kopan-Hay-Gun ko natak pugyo aba hamro Prachandu Uncle ko chamcha haroo ko maha-naatak hare-noo- baaki cha!

I am getting used to all them bandas, chakka-jaam, zoo-loo-s stuff. I even walk from Jawlakhel to Thamel during them banda days. My best tyam so far has been 1:04:32 ..... that was when I was walking in the middle of the street from Jawlakhel ko micro-bus-stand ... all the way to Thamel!

And if tomorrow is the beginning of the 3 day banda then I will have to start warming up tonight! Mao Inc. is probably the only 'green' party in Nepal! Hamro desh lay carbon credit ho ki kay ko credit bata aunay paisa Mao dai haroo lai nai deee-A-hooncha ni!

For the Maoists, climate pakkai pani change bhayeko cha! Hamro Uncle Prachoo thought he had 51% of back-force (nepali gangsta word!) with him but then he found out everybody else just made a U-turn ... after all koorchi ko laagi, afnai aama-baaba bechnay neta haroo kay bharosa?

And I really like Prachoo Uncle's "Tero Bau" ... or is it "Tyasko Bau Lay" speeches. Have you heard them? I guess it's similar to them 'Yo Mamma' jokes ... amriki style!

2009 has been really bad for me! Tole ma batti halnay kaam, bato safa garnay kaam, fohor uthaunay kaam garda pani t-e-e-n choti mamaghar pugiyo! Okay, I should not have punched the local don, should not have slapped Khane pani ko engineer and could have prevented myself from pushing nagarpalika ko karmachari for not taking away the bato ko trash!

And all them three hero-hira-laal happen to be card-carrying members of the Mao Inc.... thank Allah, I didn't get my balls fried by our local YCL brothers. It helps when the local commander is your former Fency-deal (tyo jamana ko 'Red Bull' hehehe!) partner!

Getting old, things have changed .... now why the hell am I remembering tyo Bobby Die-Lawn ko geet..... Yo desh ma kasailay kasai-lye nuh-tare-nay- bhayo Prabhu.... now I am thinking of them crazy Prabhu Deva dance moves.... multiple-personality disorder bhaneko yehi nai hola!

Manchey hidnay sidewalk ma motorbike koodau-n-cha gadha haroo.. And I stopped the bike and said "What the @#$! are you doing?" and the new nepal ko Hero replies , "Tero Aankha chaina, saaley.... bike ko agaadi kina aucha paagal"

I wanted to punch him in the face.... but then I thought... 1 barsa ma chaar choti mamaghar gayo bhaney... mero bau lay malai ghar baata nikali-dincha... ani Prachoo Uncle will say , "Tyasko Bau lay tyas lai ghar bata nikaaley-cha"

Long Live Comrade Prachanda and let's all walk (next three days ko laagi!) all the way to Hell!

I have no idea .. about today's guff! I need some pepto-bismal.... nepal ma tuh digene lay nai kaam chalaunoo parla!