Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Face The Music...

Them CIAA folks plan to file them chargsheet against our three former IGPs rey.... I feel sorry for Hem Dai... he was our IGP for only six months kya and BamDev Baba didn't even let him move his chair ... hehe!

So... finally we will know who made how much with them faulty APCs hola ni... hope one day our former prime-monsters and our netas will also face the music kya! CIAA should be under them President Sresident kya.... our netas want it to be some tiny little department under the Attorney General's dustbin rey... let's see how this drama unfolds!

Mohan Baidya is pissed again @ Prachandoo! No more dual-security for our Mao-buddies rey... why do you need them PLA, APF, Nepal Police to guard them comrades? They have the home ministry... now just make them cops do all the work ni!

I hope our Nepal Police and APF wallahs will do us proud by doing what they do best when on duty... listening to dohori songs (Chinese cellphones with their arena-style loudspeaker rocks!), drink some local 'Kodo' on duty and sleep like Rip Vanny Winkle while them burglars run around our netas' ghar shar!

It's been 9 days now... 81 days to go before we see some kind of a first draft of our constitution... good luck comrades! And Jhallu Baba is still our prime-monster.... and he is doing what he does best... attending them melas and cutting them ribbons.... I think we don't need a PM Kya! We just need the official 'Ribbon-Cutter' hola ni!

And our government wants to open another bank.... first try to fix Nepal Bank ni baroo... hydropower development bank rey... so now all them cadres from different political parties get them new jobs hola and they can do some andolan now and then ask for better wages .... for them work they do not do!

Hope all them folks did some cleaning up their neighborhoods during the World Environment Day! When we were kids..we used to organize them cycle rallies. (we didn't have facebook then kya!).. tyeti bela tuh tyeti gaadi pani thiye-naw! You could plan a picnic in the middle of Ring-Road... now... you need to be a pole-vault champion just to make it across kya!

Yes.... and all them folks do them sar-safai here and there.. one day a year! And what happened to the "People's Volunteers" .... sabai ko tole sole safa gardai hidyo bhaney baroo... you guys might win the hearts and minds of Kathmanduites kya! Until now... it has been more like Jorge Bush's 'Shock & Awe' natak... kay kay nai garcha bhanya tuh ... jhan Khiladi ko pani Khiladi parey chan yee kaam-raid haroo tuh!

Poor Ramdev Baba... he got tear-gassed by them Delhi cops rey! So don't mess with them politicians kya.. especially if you live in them shark (SAARC) countries... where them police-wallahs are nothing but a bunch of thugs, paid for by the people to protect them politicians! At the end of the day... we pay them to kick our own arses! Kya gazzab hagi!

And when it comes to clay, then I guess.... nobody can beat Nadal and his madal! And it's about tyam.. them Frenchies cemented them clay courts kya.... let's see how Nadal can play his madal then! I always liked Federer... but looks like it's tyam for him to fade away hola!

And I am really happy for them Chinese... finally Jet Li's sister wins the Frenchie Open! Li Na... what kind of name is that? Sorry.. should not make fun of them name same... but if Prachoo dada was really a Mao-lover then he should also change his name hola!

If we take the 'Li Na' formula then Prachanda would be 'Prada' hola.... and them fashion label would probably sue his arse and he would have to ask his trade union goons to extort them 'fruit-sellers' and all them gaada-wallahs to pay off them Italians!

Jhallu Baba would be Jha-Kha hola! Makune would be Mane(y) , Baburam Bhattarai would be Ba-Bha hola... Gyanu Uncle would be Gya Sha ... Sujata auntie would be Su-ka ... lau please come up with them list sist hai.. would be fun!

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