Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Handcuffs & a Bulb...

Rubel, the 'Fresh Prince' from the House of Koiralas... fled to Bangladesh! Sujata auntie is the most powerful woman in Nepal hola hagi! If only she was not so ghoos-khori and rakshesh-ni (demon-ni!) .... then we would probably have our first woman prime-minister! From NAC to VoIP to APC scams.. look around... and Sujata and Rubel seem to have made some moolah!

Hope someday we will have an all-women cabinet.... Anuradha Koirala , Rita Thapa and Sapana Malla .... you know women like them instead of a drunk cougar like Sujata or KP Oli's girlfriend, Bidya didi or even Arzoo Deuba ... real women poop... bad women just do the hula-hoop! What? Sorry.... trying to be funny, a friend of mine has sent me an email .... blasting me for writing jpt and trying to be funny kya!

I think if Kamal Thapa really wants to pump up the volume for Lord Vishnu and Co. then why not do a 'Jail Rubel' circus act in Kathmandu ni! We would all join in the fun .. and head to Sujata auntie's house and have some BBQ, Beer and Bangla Hip-Hop music kya. Let's do it on Saturdays ....please!

And once again.. them stolen vehicles and nakkali plates stuff is in the news! Yes, our Mao-buddies get to put them 'White & Yellow' number plates on them chorey-ko vehicles and drive around the country kya! They get the same respect as them 'Blue-plated' vehicles our INGOs and diplomatic morons drive around in.... you can park wherever you want and you can even hit and run and nobody will arrest you kya!

But looks like our Nepal police (yes we have stupid dumb cops as well!) managed to get hold of them stolen vehicles with nakkali plates and they confiscated them vehicles but couldn't arrest them Mao-buddies! Why? Well, every tyam them comrades get arrested ... they all do them dance sance and sing MC Hammer ko 'U Can't Touch This' rey.... nobody wants to touch them hai!

Our comrades were busy using them vehicles to smuggle goods from India rey. If you buffoons hadn't wasted so much tyam waving them black flags @ Sood then he would have given you all them goods for free ni! Wouldn't it be fun if all them PLA folks were sent to guard them borders? Then you can probably smuggle a nuclear device .... and maybe fake Amriki dollars (instead of them ICs!) .... ye, we can open a North Korean embassies in them border towns!

Why? Because they do export them fake Marlboros, Amriki Dollars and nakkali branded goods all over them developing countries kya!

Yes, Kimmy Dai can have like all different sections in all them border towns kya. If you want to apply for visa to North Korea.. go to Birgunj. If you want to import North Korean mud soup then go to Bhairahawa... if you want to export Nepali 'Viagra' then visit the export office in NepalGunj!

And our chor-police still haven't found the Don from Biratnagar. Mr. Parshuram Basnet, the main jackass behind the attack on Republica ko journalist is having chicken chilly and local wine somewhere ... and unless we give KP Oli a prostate exam... we might never find out where he is hiding!

Lazimpat ko manpower company ma shooting garney haroo chahi fela parney.... but you can't find that low-life in Biratnagar? Our police-wallahs haroo pani joker nai hoon hagi! And where the @$#! is them YCLs.... ye I forgot... Prashuram has also paid them Mao-buddies too... so nobody wants to find this guy because that would be like killing the golden goose ki kay bhancha ni!

I think it's about tyam.. we give them Aesop's fables (Nepali ma !) to all our netas and their chamchas... instead of them crazy 'Red' communist book they seem to have memorized... which is like reading the World Almanac published in 1939 and still thinking Hitler is running around Germany, singing love songs about them so-called Aryan race or something! I have no idea what I am trying to say.... but who gives a @#!$ ni?

And our journalists went to them CDO ko Office and handed some gifts for our Home Minister, Mr. Mahara. Yes, handcuffs and a bulb rey! Waaah.. this is much better than shutting down the country and demanding action sanction hoinuh ruh? Or maybe either our journalists are too kinky or they know some secret 'X' life of Mahara .. haha!

The CDO (Corrupt District Officer)... has promised to hand over them gifts to Mr. Mahara. Diyeko diye ho.... our sarkari hakims are so @#$!ing corrupt... he will probably take it home and use that bulb to replace the one in his bathroom and use them handcuffs on some poor domestic helper, he brought along from some gaun when he was posted there years ago!

Or if he really hands them to Mr. Mahara then what would our Homie do? Maybe Mahara is a kinky comrade.. he can use them handcuffs when he has them guff suff with his Chinese handler hola ni.... and the bulb? Can somebody from Norvic give Mahara a prostate exam and use that bulb to check if the Indian Embassy hasn't planted any listening device up his arse yet?

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