Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gangs of New York...

Sushil da, them Kangaroos (Congressi) President cried in NYC rey.... kinuh? Well... NY ma NC ko pani 2-3 wata samuha rahecha! And he just couldn't figure out what to do .... go to A's event and ignore B's or just cry like a baby. Maybe he was just happy to try them chillo chicken and roti @ Kabab King in Jackson Heights hola ni!

Or if he won't stop crying then take this old kid to Coney Island and give him some hot dog kya!

Talking about NYC... Manisha Koirala was there way back and my friends were really excited to see the 'hawtie nawtie' rey... but she just sat on them sofa and downed a bottle of whiskey and started blabbering BS rey! Lau.... what's up with them Koiralas... esp Sujata auntie and Manisha naani... must have some Irish blood in them hola ni!

And our hero-ni Karishma naani.... speaks Angrezi only when she is drunk. Maybe she was just happy to be in Amirka then....went to this house party once ... and she was like .. '@#$! that... @#$! you' ... I thought someone had talked shit about her movies ... but then I found out ... she is into method acting and does them Al Pacino ko die-logs whenever she is drunk rey!

One tyam.... Madhav Nepal crashed @ my friend's pad in Queens. Really? Yes... and he snored like an owl rey... haha.. I have no idea how them owls snore but must be scary ... hagi! If we do them math sath.. then most of our communist netas ko chora chori haroo are in Amrika ... I don't know ... they should baroo have sent their kids to North Korea or Cuba ni hoinuh ruh?

But.. I guess our communists are more in love with Amrika hola... Nepal ma po acting sacting with all them 'Sickle & Hammer' t-shirts ni! Anyways... come July 1st.. our Nepricans will be hanging out at DC .. celebrating them ANA convention. Have fun ladies and lads!

I hear it's fun to meet your high school buddies, ex-lovers etiyaadi... but I think our Nepricans should learn how to organize them events efficiently ni... hamro Kathmandu ma jasto problem naw hoo-noo parney.... tyeha tuh batti, paani ruh police ko tension chaina hola ni.... tyo Boston ma bhaako chahi ati nai jpt bhayo rey. I wasn't there ... so I shouldn't complain... muh tuh Complan piu-choo .. ani 2-3 inch ajhai bud-choo ki?

I never went to one... I should have but I guess I didn't miss much hola! And when too much raksi then our Nepzie boys play baksi (boxing).... I think we Nepalis like to beat each other up because we can't really touch anyone else hola!

Let's go back to NYC.. there are like 34 different Nepzie organizations.... even our Sherpas have like 2-3 orgs rey. Kohi Solukhumbu ko ... ani koi Ramechap .... it's the same with Newars and Gurungs and what not... and even them Mustangis get divided over the lower and upper stuff hehe! Hope one day ... there will be just euta samuha kya!

I still remember when Sher B. Deuba was in NYC. A concerned Neprican asked ... 'Sir, you have already been fired twice... do you still expect to lead them country again?' ... And our former prime-monster... jackass nai ho... he replied 'Then why don't you go back and run the freaking country?'

Hamro neta haroo ko taal.... I think Sher-ey lai tyeha nai jootta ko mala lagayera ek dui block ghoom-au-noo parney kya!

I think it's about tyam... our NRNs all around the world stop greeting and meeting these corrupt clowns and please stop kissing these buffoons' arses kya! Because even if you let Makune crash at your pad or buy a bottle of whiskey for Manisha naani... they are not going to invite you for lunch when you visit Nepal kya!

But some folks do like to take them pictures and show it to their relatives back home or I don't know who ni.... 'see I met Prachandoo' ... so what.. who the @#$! cares? Prachandoo will steal your 7 anna ko land and you can't do shit.. hehe! No, he won't thank you for buying him them $4.95 ko Chinese buffet lunch pani!

Makune would be like.... 'Who are you?' and you would reply.,'Sir ... you crashed at my pad!' and he would shout back ... 'I don't use pads!' ... sorry ... bad joke... couldn't think of anything else or maybe let's try again.... he might say, 'No .. I didn't steal your iPad!'

Manisha Naani would be like... 'Who you?' ... and you would give her a bottle of whiskey and she would be like ... 'Thanks... but who are you... did I sleep with you when I was drunk?' .... and your answer would be ... 'No... but I wish you had never puked all over my apartment' hehe!

And Manisha Naani.. I know you went to school in Varanasi and I am not making fun of how you pronounce them words.... I suck at it too... but Van Gogh is not 'Van Gawwwg' kya... if you are a Neprican then say 'Van Go!' .. if you are into English Football then then say 'Van Goff' .. and if you want to smoke a Dutchie then say, 'Vyen Khook' like you are about to khaakaaring hehe!

But I don't know.. I always liked Kajol then Rani Mukherjee... Manisha Koirala was ali jpt .... but she's cool... she must have spanked Nana Patekar then hola .. hehe! But she's now happily married .. yes, I see her husband at them parties alone.... and all this BS is coming from a guy who still can't pronounce 'World' kya!


  1. I think your guffs do not represent normal people's feeling.Your comments are like..
    We are ok (NRN, nepali elite) but others are all dumbass..WTf, I dont know much english , but you are not that fuuny with your way of writing..You are only spreading hatred for Nepalese leaders, artists.For example..Prachandoo will steal your 7 anna ko land and you can't do shit..
    I always liked Kajol then Rani Mukherjee... Manisha Koirala was ali jpt..
    Sher-ey lai tyeha nai jootta ko mala lagayera ek dui block ghoom-au-noo parney kya!
    Such a naive thinking.

  2. @Shankar

    My 5-point answer to your comment somment.. hehe!

    1. Thanks for posting your comment.
    2. Yes, I understand that my guffs do not represent the people like our comrades' haroo ko guff suff!
    3. Me no NRN , me no elite but me dumbass, so you got it wrong hola.
    4. English is also my second language so me also know not much hai.
    5. Yes, I am naive but aren't we all?