Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No ID .. No Internet?

Here we go again... our so-called regulatory bodies need to first do their homework before coming out with stupid regulations kya! Abuh kehi kaam paye-nuh cyber-cafe janey-wallah haroo lai fokatey ko tension...hehe!

All them folks who visit them cyber cafes will now have to present their ID cards before they update their fb status rey! We have to thank our great folks @ Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) for them hawa-taari guidelines.... hai!

And all them cyber-wallahs will have to keep them log books rey! Don't forget to carry some ID shy-D with you .... no college ID then have your driver's license ready... tyo pani chaina.. tyeso bhaye nagarikta liyeruh hidnoos!

And them cyber-wallahs "
will have to maintain secrecy of the log book and furnish it to the security personnel as and when required" ...rey. Nepal ma secrecy... the only folks who can keep them secrets are our politicians.. we still don't know who made.. how much ...from them APC scam... I think we should ask our netas to keep them log books kya!

@#$! .. we still don't know how much the Ranas made or the Pancheys or how much Prachandoo is worth? I hope CIAA learns a thing or two from NTA... hehe!

NTA has given them cyber-wallahs 90 days to comply or else.... well, we don't know what happens if they don't follow them new 'jpt' nataks! We live in a jungle now.... so if you are a law-abiding citizen then you fail kya!

I think them cyber-sahujis and sahu-nis should come out with their own '5 point agreement' or something. First point soint chahi... 'sambhidaan banau ani hami pani log book banau chau' .. haha! Aroo point soint.. repeat the first one again and again!

NTA want these cyber-pasals to also mention the bandwidth and number of computers sharing tyo ADSL ki kay ko line sine pani! Who cares...? First ask Nepal Telecom to fix their ADSL crap and give us the mentioned bandwidth ni!

Well, NTA has kindly
instructed ISPs to provide 24 hours service to all users and in case of disruptions because of maintenance work or other technical reasons, inform the customers at least three days in advance.

And if the network is down then them ISPs should give us a discount pani rey! Lau jaa... yo chahi khoobay mun paryo hami lai! But it's not mandatory like for them cyber-pasals ni!

Nepal ma 24 hrs service.... now all them ISPs should tell NTA 'First give us 24hrs batti then we will give the people 25 hrs internet kya' .... 25 hrs? +1 hr free credit sredit like them teachers giving us +5 for good handwriting hola ni!

Abuh NEA lai pani yestai regulations lay thaw-tau-ney ki? No batti then you better refund our money ni.. no paani.. then no maani (money!) for Khaney-pani sansthan kya! No constitution... no paycheck for our CA clowns bhanya tuh ho.. khoi ... bhatey haroo lai desh ruh janta ko maya bhaye po!

And how the @#$! are you going to inform them people .... 72 hours in advance that your network will be down sown kya? Kay taal ko ho... who the @#$! works at them NTA .... not them engineers or telecom folks hola .. sabai political appointees bhaye pachi yehi haalat hooncha!

Khaney-paani gets them actor sactor as a board member, a rice mill owner from Madesh is appointed GM of some public enterprise .... yestai ho Nepal maa! A truck driver heads some health agency... haha..... somebody should come up with some list cyst... hagi!

I hope NTC will inform us 72 hours in advance, waive them fee see when our ADSL line goes to Jumla and make sure that I get the bandwidth I paid for.... Nepal ko kanoon, BamDev lay janoon bhanya jastai kya!

While NTA is going around with funny regulations, our great Minister for Information and Communications, Mr. Agni Sapkota is trying to get himself in the Guinness World Records or something... 151 lawyers are preparing to plead on his behalf rey! Damn.. either them Maoists have too much money or them lawyers want to kiss some Mao arses!

Yes... we are the new 'Bihar' while the 'real' Bihar is turning around.... we now have murderers as mantris ... and Agni dai... this ain't no 'Hip Hop' awards where you show up with your @#$!ing entourage kya! Hope our SC justices will do the right thing... 13,000 folks died for nothing ... same old mini-bus with them khalasis turned drivers.. abuh kay bhanney!

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