Thursday, June 9, 2011

RIP Maqbool Fida Husain!

Maqbool Fida Husain is dead! Them Desi prime-monster 'Singh is King' is very sad because it is a national loss woss rey! MF Husain had to run away from his own country because them Hindu Talibans were angry about his nude paintings... especially them Hindu bhagwans and bhagwan-nis!

Husain did them painting saintings back in the 70s and it wasn't until 1996 when some Hindi patrika did a story on it and then them fanatics just went on a rampage kya! Husain should have instead done them nude stuff on Shiva Sena thakur, Bal Thackeray hola ni!

What can we learn from Magbool Fida Husain dai? If you walk bare-foot ... you will live till 95! Picasso lived till 91.. what's up with them painter babus kya? Yes, Husain dai was 95 kya... I don't think none of us will make till 80 hola thanks to Kathmandu ko dhulo mulo ... except for our politicians who drive around in them SUVs and don't need to spend two hours a day, breathing in them body odors of all shapes and sizes!

I am seriously thinking of taking them art sart classes ... maybe I will learn to paint now and pray that I will live till 90 but if I am hounded out of my own country then.. I will probably move to them foreign lands .... Pokhara (it will probably be a different country by then!) and die not in a hospital but while running the Annapurna Marathon kya!

India boasts about being the largest democracy on Earth... kya kam ni when a person can't live his or her own life and has to leave the land of his birth and take up a Qatari citizenship and die in a London hospital kya!

Well... for some of us ... it would be the biggest achievement in life hola... to die in a Bideshi hospital but Husain dai would have loved to die in some hotel in Mumbai... painting them walls kya!

So all them Desi government awards Husain dai received was no good .. a bunch of religious fanatics can burn down them galleries, movie theaters and make life hell for them artists while them Desi government just watches and doesn't care when so-called 'national treasure' seeks refuge in foreign lands!

India is not a democracy... it is a country governed by a bunch of thugs and criminals! I feel sorry for RamDev baba.. hehe! He got tear-gassed and got his arse kicked by the Delhi police! I wish them so-called progressive folks stood up for Husain dai! Yestai ho.. at the end of the day... we talk about them 'freedom of this and that' but run home and lock our doors whenever a bunch of thugs start some daang-doong!

Our country is now turning into mini-India! No.. them food sood is not cheap and you can't rent a barbershop in UP or MP for Rs150.00 (my local Desi barber told me that!). You don't get them ration cards either. But we now have the same breed of politicians here in Nepal!

While them journalists are attacked by mundrey goondas... all them Patrkar-folks do is .. sign them petitions and hand over to them netas! Our prime-monster will take action saction rey. Yes, even the home minister will make sure them goondas are arrested and jailed for them attack syattack!

Please stop your BS kya! Them goondas in Biratnagar happened to be K.P. Oli's mancheys rey! So, do you think our so-called government (full of comrades!) will do anything? No! Because our netas need them goondas to scare them folks who want to get the word out .. and let the public know how our corrupt politicians and criminals are ruining this country! So a word to our patrkars and patrakar-nis.... get yourself a TASER or AK-47 and blast or maim them moondreys away!

Let us forget Nepal ko gau khaney katha.. hehe! Bye bye Maqbool Fida Husain! We will miss you .... and so does Madhuri Dixit! So... let us all listen to this song from Husain dai ko feelim .. 'Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities'... yo feelim chahi .. it wasn't them Hindu goons but them Desi talibans who vandalized them feelim halls when it came out!

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