Friday, June 24, 2011

Nepal ... This Week!

Jhallu Baba now blames our poor chaps in blue... Nepal police for failing to arrest that Don from Biratnagar! KP Oli talks about some big tyam conspiracy ... Prachandoo is so sick of Mohan Baidya that he wants him to be the next prime-monster... yestai ho Nepal ko haal-khabar!

I feel sorry for our police-wallahs... kay garne? If you arrest that Don then you might get left out when them promotion tyam comes knocking... and you will get them death threats and what not. Look at the DSP who was busy kissing arses and helping that guy hide side.... he will probably get promotion next tyam... them UML wallahs head the home ministry!

Either Jhallu is smoking crack or he thinks he can lie through his teeth and get away with it. He wants to jhook-aing us by trying to convince us that neither the government nor them UML dakus are protecting the cabbie-turned-criminal ..and now political cadre of UML! Kaslai guff haney ko ho yee bajiya haroo lay?

Funny thing about them communists... they happen to have more criminals in their youth organizations kya! Well, every political party has their own goons ... so what's new?

And our journalists should continue to boycott all them so-called nautanki programs where our mantris and netas come and cut them ribbons and their dui-sab-daws. Don't write a thing about these clowns.... let their own tabloids cover their circus acts ni!

And Jhallu is supposed to be our prime-monster (still!).... and he was in Kaski because the district is now... 'no-hugging zone' rey... which means.... if you are in Kaski then you can't do your thing out in the open kya!

Our so-called international airport (looks like a local bus stand!) is having problems with them runways..... maybe it's the same contractors who got them tender sender for them local streets in the city. It's not even been a year and it's falling apart... nothing new ni!

All them public works ko halat yestai ho... them bridges fall apart, them government buildings collapse... and them contractors and civil servants and our comrades come together to loot them public funds!

Our 'Tourism' mantri was visiting the airport, doing some inspection rey. And he has also promised to buy two new planes for NAC ..... and boasted about how he managed to convince all them unions, political parties rey. Yaah right... sabai lai commission diney kura chahi convince garyo hola ni!

Them fuel tanker wallahs shut down them fuel supplies because they were not happy with NOC ko new decision to allow 60 new tankers to run them route soute.... then NOC backed down and I guess... them 400,000 motorcycle-wallahs won't have to worry about staying in line for 8 hrs to get few litres of petrol now!

This is the new Nepal kya where them byparais rule... and we, the consumers always suffer. Whatever happened to that guy who was busy tampering them gas cylinders. He is running around, throwing $$$ at them Mao-buddies to save his arse and so far... he can't be found anywhere either!

I guess he is hiding in them jungle sungle hola.... hope he has a box of Wai Wai and them goldstar shoes ni.... just like our Mao-buddies during them 'so-called' People's War kya!

And after 37 years... a principal of some gau ko school has finally passed his SLC exams. Jason Kidd... read this myan.. I thought 17 years was a long tyam to wait for them NBA title sitle.... but 37 years to pass your SLC exam. And the funny thing is ... the guy passed only 8th grade and he was a principal kya! No wonder.... them students fail to pass them SLC exams ni.. when the Princi himself doesn't know what to teach when them pupils get to the 9th grade.... hehe!

And we are now hearing about them students who failed them SLC exams, committing suicide and what not.... myan... SLC is not the end of the world.... wake up and smell them burnt tyres kya! I think they should have read about this 'principal' and his passing SLC at the young age of 61... maybe they would have changed their minds ni!

And so far .... them so-called senior police officers who were involved in them APC scam are still drinking whisky and playing marriage rey! Lau badhai cha..... I guess that's how it is ni... Rubel Chowdhury is now out of the country .... VoIP, APC and many more scams ... Rubel is probably the only tourist who made millions of dollars by visiting Nepal hola! It helps when Sujata auntie is your mother-in-law!

I think it's about tyam... Sujata auntie also faced the music kya. Every other scam ma auntie ko naam aucha.. kay ho .... maybe she should just retire from politics and open a beer garden (she spent all those years in Germany ni) in Naxal or something. Or maybe we should just make her our prime-monster-ni... and she can sell us all them junk while her son-in-law fills them trunk with our Rupees kya!

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