Wednesday, June 15, 2011

News From Nepal....

A journalist gets thrashed... sorry.. he nearly got killed by them UML thugs and so far our Nepal police have done a great job ... doing nothing! We all know about them relationships between our mundrey goondas and chor netas ... but how come nobody can touch them kya?

And it's not like .. they are hiding in them closet kya .. it's out in the open ...hehe! Yehi ho Naya Nepal.. where them criminals and corrupt clowns have all the fun while common citizens have to either run away to foreign lands or take them antidepressants just to make it through the day hola ni!

Yestai taal ho bhaney.. let's get rid of Nepal Police, the APF wallahs ni.... because our folks get thrashed by them Desi BSF wallahs across them borders, and within our borders...we get thrashed by the mundrey goondas... so if we are to get our ass kicked all the tyam and police act like bystanders then when the @#$! are we wasting our taxpayers' money kya?

Let us not talk about corruption and stuff... baroo if you are a sojho sarkari employee then you will either hang yourself or get so frustrated that you will quit civil service and join politics and then be a corrupt clown yourself... hehe!

As I had written earlier (Khoi kata ho taw-raw lekhya chai ho hai!), UML has the most mundrey goondas in them 'Youth Force' circus troupe! NC has them too but not as much as UML... now Sujata auntie is enough for all them rackets kya!

What about YCL? Well, everyone is a Maoist these days... from Nir Shah to Rekha Thapa to even our Gyanu Uncle's son-in-law.. so all Khao-badis are the new 'Maobadis' hola ni!

I am not talking shit about Nir dai or Rekha bahini..... both are great kalakars but everybody needs to be a member of them Mao Inc. ko sister organizations because it helps them in one way or another kya!

What about them UMLs? Our other comrades were worried that all them tender sender, extortion nataks were carried out by the goondas affiliated to YCL ... so they wanted a piece of the pie .. and formed them 'Youth Force' ... abuh Kamal Thapa dai should also bring back his 'Mandaleys' hola ni!

It's about tyam... all them media-wallahs just stop their work and do nothing as well. Just wearing them kalo arm-band ain't going to make our netas run for the hills (or to Delhi!)... baroo no more rajniti guffs in our dailies (ky kay bhancha ni!), no more TV karyakarams or FM programs where our netas keep on fooking us with their 'I will do my best ... to do nothing but rest sest!; .. baroo sabai media sedia nai bandh garoom!

And Rishi Dhamala, the Nepali Borat should close down them 'Reporters Club' for a while too! Why? You might ask me .... 'If we shut everything down then how the hell are we going to find out ... kasley kati ghoos khayo and stuff?' but even if we read about them nataks in them papers ... nobody is going to be held accountable kya! So baroo shut it down.... no more tender sender ko notice for our goondas hehe!

And aren't we tired of reading about all them rajniti-guffs and them 'puke-faced' ghoos-khori netas ko anoohar plastered in them dailies? Well... it's more like reading them comedy scripts hola ni! But why do these chors get so much press kya.. I don't want to see these clowns.. I want to see a picture of Bhuwan KC getting his ass kicked by his new lover ko pati-dev kya!

I might be wrong hai but I am Guffadi.... my BS unlike our netas' will not hurt the economy or the way of life for millions of Nepalis ni! So let us stop writing about politics... (and my blog will also die soon...hehe!)

Yestai ho Nepal ma.....our media wallahs keep on writing about them circus acts and either they get killed by the goondas (on behalf of them netas!) or Nepal police will do nothing about it because they don't have any evidence sevidence rey! How can we shut up and sit still while these thugs roll over us kya?

Prachandoo-gate (tyo tape thiyo ni where he tells his PLA folks how he fudged them numbers and got away with it by fooling UNMIN and stuff!) showed us that our netas are all bluff-masters kya!

Maybe we should just hand them big three idiots.... $10,000 each and ask them to go to Amrika and play them World Series kya! No... not talking about baseball... tyo poker soker kya bhancha ni! I think they can bluff their way to the final table and might win ... when they start signing them secret x-point agreement with all ... hehe!

I think we will save a lot of money hola (spending 10K is better than letting these clowns make a millions of dollars kya).... and if they win then they can keep the winnings ni.. baroo don't ever come back to Nepal! I think Amrika should give them DV-Lottery visa to our netas baroo (no random pick sick kay.. baroo choot-tai quota ma liyeruh gaw-ye hooncha yee daka haroo lai)! Ani thaha-pawos nuh kati garo cha kaam garey-ruh khanaw !

p.s. All our journalists should keep on writing about them chors, be it them mundrey goondas or netas, sarkari hakims or police-wallahs or them byaparis.... just keep on writing .... the day these voices are shut down... it's all over ... yes, we do have them fokatey patrakars as well, you know them neta haroo ko arse-kissing types.... but let us praise the lord that there hundreds of journalists who want to fight against them goonda-gardis and many have been killed or injured... let us remember them today and hope one day.... they can look back and not feel that all their effort was in vain kya!

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