Monday, June 27, 2011

Around the World...

I thought Gaddafi would be gone by now.... well, not yet ... he's now busy playing chess ... kay taal ko? Prada plans to do their IPO @ Hong Kong and raise like 2+ billion dollars rey! Maybe, we can just send him to Prada and make him the next in-house designer... he's got good taste... all them curtain jastai dresses and silly photos-tasey-ko suits ... haha!

Hope one day... our very own Prabal Gurung (PG) will raise billions when he goes public kya! But them fashion sayshun industry is very tough rey... so good luck PG! I think he should just re-name his brand 'Praba' or 'PraGu' .... okay PraGu sounds lame.. or go with GrG (short form for Gurung!)... I don't know but PG should also design them Men's Wear ki kay bhancha ni!

I would buy them suit from him if he comes up with one.... and I will throw my Armani thing or give it to mero alumni organization ko paaley ..... because I don't know why I bought that suit and where I am going to wear it now... my new 2011 ko eestyle is a big-arse umbrella, big-arse jhola (mini-office nai ho!) and stinky sneakers, jeans etiyaadi! Maathi chai.. no, I don't have the Salmaaney body kya.. so I can't be walking around Kathmandu showing my body sody... so I just grab a t-shirt or a rag from my closet!

Ye.... feri wandering around.. let's get back to the story of the day.....sometimes I wonder... how one jackass can rule for such a long tyam!

Hitler was a jackass but he got only few years to party and do his funny hand signals ni! How the @#$! did an Austrian screw the entire nation of beer-drinking, sausage-eating Krauts? I don't know ... but that silly mustache and funny hand signs must have done the trick hola hagi!

Castro is still alive and kicking.... err.. smoking them Cubans .. both the people and the cigars pani.. hehe! Fidel did his thing to get rid of them one-man dictatorship .. and what did he turn out to be .. another dictator himself kya! Well, I hear them education and health care stuff are pretty good in Cuba... but I guess people don't only want them free aspirins and a college degree!

We all want to do our own thing... some of us will make tons of money , some of us will die broke but we will all be happy if we are least bothered by the government... hoinuh ruh? Abuh Nepal ko tuh kay ko government.. we don't have one.. we are governed by bunch of thugs who only think about looting them national coffers ni!

The North Korean comedian is living the good life! While the rest of them North Koreans are eating mud soup, Kimmy dai likes to drink them expensive French wine and swine and orders tap dancing shoes from Italy rey! What? Now.. he's into tap dancing hola ni!

Prachandoo could have been with us for a long tyam ... but it looks the Mao-buddies will split into two! No, Mohan Baidya is just trying to scare Prachandoo... at the end.. he will always be with the buffalo-milk-drinking, Chitwan ko dada ... hehe!

Yes, Baburam will walk away and form his own party rey! I heard it from a guy (he works for the Indian Embassy as a janitor aka RAW agent!) who was eating a Pizza @ Fire & Ice! No, he was trying to impress some Kuire-ni .... I just like to eavesdrop kya!

I love the rain.... raati bhaye ki.. babaal paani parcha! I think it's about tyam, somebody organized them co-ed Kabbadi games in the middle of the night in Tundikhel! What say you?

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