Thursday, June 2, 2011

Police & Politics...

We have a new Police Chief today.. IGP Ramesh Chand Thakuri was fired because he had something to do with the APC scam and our netas find out that he paid them CIAA officials ... 50 lakhs to go easy on him!

Poor Thakuri... he paid Rs 6crores to get the top job two years ago.. hope he made some moolah hola... but next tyam you want to save your job, just go to Nayabazar and pay off Prachandoo kya!

Nepal Police bought them APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) for them peacekeeping mission in Sudan! Them APCS were made in Eastern Europe, during them 60s and was fitted with automatic heating system rey! Wah... and Sudan is a lovely place where them temp gets to 50 degree Celsius ... so our police-wallahs sent there had to either drive them APCs naked or load it up with ice sice hola ni!

Rubel Chaudhary , our great 'foreign prince' , and son-in-law of Sujata auntie ... made milions from this APC deal but our politicians and their relatives are above the law! I really feel sorry for Thakuri!

But let us not worry hai... he has been appointed as a security advisor to the PM rey! Hehe.. Nepal ma ... even if you get caught stealing, looting an shooting ... you don't get fired .. you either get appointed as them advisors or ambassadors kya!

Prachandoo wanted then Army chief Katwal to resign and offered him some ambassador job sob... I think Thakuri can be our ambassador to Sudan hola! Maybe.. then he can drive around them same APCs kya!

And what kind of advice will Thakuri be giving to Jhallu Baba... who is already on his way out? I don't know... poor guy, he had 15 more months to have fun and make few crores... tough luck!

The new IGP, Rabindra Pratap Shah is lucky. Well, he should have been the IGP two years ago based on on his seniority, but Thakuri paid off them comrades to secure the top job and now he is not needed anymore. So, our new IGP will be in office for a year and half and then he retires... since he didn't have to pay crores to our netas.. maybe he can do something to change the image of Nepal police!

That is... I don't know, maybe he can follow what Vietnam did recently... ban them cellphones, ban drinking on duty, holding hands (hehe!) and guff-suffing around! Our police-wallahs are chors, we all know that .... but it's because our netas have politicized the police force since Girija Babu ko tyam syam ... and what do you expect from a security agency where you have to pay a lakh rupees to be a constable, 10 lakhs to be an inspector, 50 lakhs to be promoted to DIG and 5+ crores to get the top job?

Our netas have @#$ed up the police force... yes ... there are few honest cops but they don't last long ... they are transferred to Siberia ... and even if they make it to become SSPs ... then they either have to pay off or kiss some neta's arses to go higher up!

This is nothing new... when our yoga guru, BamDev was our home minister many years ago.. he also sent then IGP Kharel packing.... a month after that guy got the top job ... then seven months later there was a new government and he was reinstated again kyaaruh.... and one day our Nepal army will get the same musical chair events hola ni!

We all expected the Maoists to reform the police force when they headed the government three years ago.. I guess they also forgot about police brutalities and how their own cadres suffered during them so-called 'civil wars' .... At the end of the day, it was never about changing the society, reform deform goli maaro.... it was all about using the government resources, money and muscles only to enrich themselves and their cadres kya!

And today, our Mao-buddies head the home ministry.... and it doesn't matter if you are mundrey goonda or a contract killer .... but if you are paying off your dues to the local YCLs then even our police-wallahs will look the other way! Yestai ho.. Jai Nepal!

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