Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monsoon Wedding...

The Monsoon has begun... good news for our farmers... bad news for them folks who build them houses next to them khola sola... Nepal ma every year.. we have them baadi-saadi and looks like not much has changed since we were kids!

Even today, we have them landslides ..... if you get hit in the head by them cricket balls then you wear a helmet ni... but our so-called government, jo aye pani.... it's the same BS kya! Still remember them days .. when we used to organize them walkathons and fundraising dinners for them flood victims.... and our kids will be doing the same hola!

I am not married and no, Ms. Lopez ... Jorge is not my kid! Anyways... our so-called sarkari hakims blame them rain sain.... runways disintegrating... blame it on the rain... ye, tyo tuh Milli Vanilli ko geet po ho ni! Hehe.... myan those two clowns were my favorite until they got caught... they didn't sing them songs rey!

Jahiley pani ... monsoon season agaadi Bato Sato black-topped... and our contractors make tons of money.. and wait for the rain to wash it away and they get paid again to do the same thing .... next monsoon as well!

And thanks to our netas.... all them budget sudget for bato ghato go to the local political leaders and funny thing is .. they get paid for them roads that were already built years ago pani!

Kya mazza... Naya Nepal ma ..... while our netas sing 'Happy Days Are Here Again!' ... hami chahi kay gauney .. 'It's the same old song' hola ni!

And it's not their fault ni.. let us not blame them criminals and corrupt clowns hai! Our fiscal year (FY) ends on Asad... like mid-July.. thyakkai monsoon ko bela ma... and budget sudget sakau-noo paryo ni bhatey haroo lay!

So let's move FY to September .. baroo hami lay Dashain ma naya looga kinya jastai ... sarkar lay pani janta lai naya bato dincha ki? Or we do it every Christmas, Losar, Eid as well.. thank God... we don't have any religious holidays during them monsoon season hagi!

And a 17 year old , son of police ko SP was trying to learn how to drive.. tyo pani high-way ma full speed! Then he crashes into a tree and a police-wallah dies! It's good to be them sons and daughters of government officials kya!

Ani tyo gaadi ma tuh fake license plate, probably a stolen vehicle rey! Hehe.... I think it's about tyam we start calling them 'Chor Police' instead of 'Nepal Police.'.. feel sorry for SP saheb... but next tyam... can you please ask a driving school ko guru-ba or guru-ma to teach your kid how to drive?

And you don't even have to pay ... they will do it for free... after all... everybody needs them police-wallahs ni! Mao-buddies drive around in them stolen vehicles, our chor-police do the same.... and hami janta .. we get stopped at them check-points and treated like we are driving around in them stolen vehicles!

Holy cow... I thought we were a secular nation by now... four blokes were arrested for killing a bull rey! Why? Because they wanted some masoo... is this like once upon a tyam in Singapore where you couldn't find any chewing gum but you could go to Johor Bahru and get a pack or two !

No it's not.. but isn't it tyam we change them penal codes and what not? Abuh Lord Vishnu nai chaina... abuh hami cow sow ma nai jhoondi-rakhya bhanya?

How about arresting them criminals and so-called politicians for slaughtering innocent folks ni baroo?.... Yes, respect to all them hard-core 'Holy Cow' crowd but I guess hamro Naya Nepal ma... it's okay to kill people ... but not okay for them blokes who just wanted some bull balls or something!

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