Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where to Eat?.... III

If you are somewhere around Bhat Bhateni ... .making Mr. Min B. Gurung, another Rupee richer then you can drop by these places.... kya!

Singma is nearby.... for them Malay-Singaporean khana.... or if you want some pizza then go to Roadhouse or if you walk 5 minutes ..... down the road ... then don't forget to visit Buzz. They have very good steak wraps and try their Thai stuff as well ... so don't forget to get buzzed @ Buzz before you leave Kathmandu. I think Wednesday nights ma chahi they have 'Bob Marley' night .. so smoke some and listen to Marley Baba's prabhachan as well... hehe!

If you are in Thamel then don't visit Java... haha! Java is old school now.... it's like the Bakery Cafe of them coffee shops kya! Who goes to Bakery Cafe.. .abuh tuh? But Nanglo (Durbar Marg) is still good. And if you are hanging around Durbar Marg .. then visit Koto .. them Japani place as well!

But don't visit Royal Saino.. crappy food or them Cafereena or Lobster's ... because last tyam I was there in them places.. either them waiters were busy hiding in the kitchen or they were huge 'Ghajini' fans and they didn't have what I wanted .... even if was in the menu kya!

And the food... crap.. Cafereena had naw-pake-ko momos, Lobster ko seafood .. is a joke (paisa pani $200 dollar income hoonay desh ma $100 ko macha!) and Royal Saino... should change its name hola... we are a Republic now and please send your Chef back to the local tandoori place... to get some training hai!

And the seafood platter chahi... either they just got the fish from Ranipokhari or somebody from Bangkok delivered it on a bicycle kya! Now just figure how long it took to get here.... haha!

And if you are still in Durbar Marg .... Lakhey is a fun place for U-25 crowd.. if you are above 25 then just act like you are under 25 hola ni! Drinks chahi jpt price cha.... ek shot taw-killa ko 300+ rey! But this place is happening after 10pm during weekends! Then of course the cops come running after 12..... so KTM ko nite-life is ... it's midnight then lau abuh goodnight kya!

And if you want to show your dancing skills then go to Platinum hola... but you can always hangout @ Cube.... like my friends do.... abuh budesh kaal ma kay ko cube, ghar ma gayeruh mookh ma ice-cube haley ruh basnoo .. hehe!

Let's get back to Thamel..... La Dolce Vita is my favorite place.... Italian See-talian food sood... customer service is great .. unlike Roadhouse where you get good pizzas but waiters are color-blind.. they one see white people or albinos hola ni! With due respect to all the albinos ... but someday I dream of Roadhouse where brownies get a little bit respect.. haha!

So don't forget to visit La Dolce Vita before you leave.... food, service etiyaadi ma tuh mero list ma #1 ma nai parcha kyaaruh!

Cafe Kaldi is a nice place to check your emails .. bring your laptop along but the food is jpt (khaas kehi pain chaina!)... me no like... coffee okay sokay... but if you want to meet your friend for a quickie (meeting bhaneko kya!) then Kaldi is the place .... but if you are feeling sleepy or want to try some veggie stuff then go to OR2K.. next door!

OR2K also has free wi-fi but sometimes it doesn't work.. but then just sit down and eat them chick-peas and roti .. Israeli eestyle ... and if you have had a case of beer.. then no problemo.. you can sleep for a while too!

There are few Korean places I like... one is near Tamas and the other one is behind Malla Hotel.. bhagwan bahal tiruh.... Tamas is okay... they have small disco-floor downstairs ...hehe... so if you want to party late... go there kya! Khana tuh Ustai ho... Reggae bar is good place for music and crowd rey!

Try Dechenling ... Java ko galli vitra... nice place, used to go there long tyam back.... Bhutani sutani khana sana.... and Java ko opposite.. ma chahi .. don't forget to try Fire & Ice... all my friends say ... they love tyeha ko pizza sizza. (I like it too.. but Nepal ko pizza ma jay panni khoj-noo parcha kya...) but the place is always pack-sack.. so call them up and reserve your table hai!

But if you want to get them real 'Newari Stuff' then go to Patan... mathi ko photo soto .. 'Honacha[ ko ho.. so if you fail to go there before you leave then.. it's like going to Amrika and never going to Las Vegas.... (I didn't...hehe!) .. so go there for them aloo, sekuwa, choila chatamari and stuff.... aroo thau tuh khas ustai ho..

Bajeko Sekuwa is fun if you belong to the same football club and like all fokso sokso .... and if you want Dharaney Kalo Bandel ko BBQ then go all the way to Nakhipot!

There are other great places for Choe-laa and stuff like haas ko choe-laa .. a small hut in Dhobigat .... if you can't find it then just ask some guy walking around drunk... 'Khairey Dai ko pasal koon chai ho?' Or if it's Saturday then go to Kirtipur to drink some local wine and Newari khana.. Visit Kirtipur 2011! Yes, don't leave Kathmandu without visiting Kirtipur!

And I think I am probably the worst review-wallah when it comes to them places because I love vyar-vyar momos.... and talking about Momos... New Road ma New Dish ko porkie momos na-cha-ki Amrika naw-janoo!


  1. bhatbhateni ko atm machine haru ko ooposite ma bhayeko everest momo ma ni mo mo mitho paythyo, 2 barsha agadi samma. price ni reasonable thyo! :)

  2. Rastra bank ko chheu ma bhako Nhu-Chhe bhanne thau ma laliguras ko juice khako thiye nepal aunda. I heard tyo thau ta banda bhayo re. They had outdoor seating and all. Man parya thiyo malai. :(

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  4. @aloneguy 27.. timro pic ho, google baba batuh taaney-ko abuh photo mai timro kopyrite cha aroo badi kay cha-hiney ho kaazi lai? I can remove the pic if you like hai....