Friday, June 10, 2011

I am Rebel Man....

Deepak dai from Thamel is on them cover for this week's 'Sukrabar' edition from Nagarik! And our businessman dai says, 'Prime-Minister is the don of all dons!' lau jaa... Don haroo ko pani Don rey!

And it's true .... all our local goondas visit our netas' ghar shar during them Bhai-tika! Even our Milan Chakre dai is KP Oli ko budiya ko bhai-tika brother rey! Lau... bhai nai daku ani buda jhan maha dakoo!

I think our netas would save us some money if they didn't get the security and vehicles from the state kya! Sabai goonda haroo lai rakhya hooncha ni security dinuh lai! And just use them 'chorey ko' gaadis instead of spending our taxpayers' money on them SUVs!

Even the Mao-buddies surprised us all ... when they started welcoming them local dons to be members of YCL.. lastuh ma sabai lai goonda nai chai-hi-nay rahecha!

Even Sujata auntie has like 20-30 moondrey goondas at her house! I guess it's about tyam we all had our own goondas hola ni! Or if you are a home minister, you can send the police to do your goonda-gardi ...hehe!

So when our netas talk about peace and security ... I guess they are just talking about themselves hola ni! All them budget sudget tuh sabai bhaag-banda garey-ruh lootya chan hai! And while them Desi netas travel around in them Ambassador cars ... our corrupt clowns want them new SUVs every time they head some ministry kya!

Prachandoo is sick rey! Yes, it is 'garmi' season... so don't eat out hai! And please cut down on them whisky swisky stuff.. baroo have them gin and tonic ki kay bancha ni! Or just try Ramdev Baba's breathing techniques!

Anyways... Deepak Dai tells the patrika that he is just a businessman and he joined a new political party because he figured out that all them netas are chors rey!

Hope someday our local dons will be our ministers (Deepak dai lai nai Home Ministry dim-hai because then all our party-goers will once again be able to dance till 4am kya)... at least we won't be surprised if they get involved in them murder, extortion and what not ni!

Went to Terai to visit relatives.... bahoot garmi hai bhai saheb! But paani faala-faal! You can take shower anytime you want unlike here in Kathmandu where you need to coordinate with the pani ko tanker-wallahs schedule to give yourself a scrubbing now and then!

I love Terai because.... all them folks are into cycling! Kids on their way to school, women on their way to local bazaar, uncles on their way to local bhatti ... hehe...everybody loves them cycles kya! How come we haven't send anyone from Terai to Tour de France yet... @#$!ing Sports Ministry lay andi-biyo khel-dai basya chan hai!

Mosquitoes are crazy in Terai... and last tyam I was inside them net set was when I was in boarding school! So if you want to live in Terai.... then all you need is a cycle and a mosquito net!

I think we should just shift all them ministries and even our parliament sarliament stuff to Terai kya! And no more SUVs for these clowns... they can all cycle to work and of course they will get one mosquito net as well!

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