Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where to Eat? ... II

I will talk about other Jhamel restaurants next tyam.... for today, let's walk around Jawalakhel - Kumaripati - Harihar Bhawan area hai.... so don't forget to try these places before you go back to Amrika!

1. Lazy Gringo: Opened by them Amrikis.. they have them Arizona-style Mexican stuff ... so if you like rice, beans, chicken, beans, chicken and rice..haha.... then visit Lazy Gringo! Yes, try them burritos, enchiladas ... it's a small cozy place.... you will find lot of gringos there as well! And yes, you should visit this place before leaving Kathmandu!

But if you are tired of eating them 99 cents Burritos (frozen!) in Amrika (I really loved them then!) and don't want any Mexican then visit Higher Ground Cafe ... walk towards Kumaripati..... Standard Chartered Bank ko cheu ma is Red Dingo and opposite ma chahi Higher Ground Cafe.

2. Higher Ground Cafe: If you are tired of dal, bhat and want to get some Amriki desserts like apple pie, carrot cake, cheesecake, double chocolate cake, waffles and what not then visit this another cozy little place, above Orange clothing store! They also have wi-fi ... so grab some coffee and update your facebook status while you try their desserts kya!

3. Red Dingo: Red Dingo used be the cool place to hang out when them Aussies opened up this place few years back. They have a new owner now and it's still a cool place to try them boiled vegetables, mashed potatoes and masoo sasoo (kuire style kya!). The price is a little mahango but it's worth it hola!

4. Chopstix, Kumaripati: I went there few times.. didn't like their so-called Chinese cuisine.... so buy some chopsticks and cook Chinese at home hola ni! But you can still try this place out ... sometimes if the Chef's not suffering from irritable bowel syndrome then he sends out really good Chinese rey!

5. Eat Me Restaurant: This place is in Jawlakhel Complex, opposite German Bakery... and the food is probably the worst I have ever had ... hehe... but just stand in front of their signboard and take a picture! I once got into trouble when I sent a txt message to a woman asking her to come to this restaurant for lunch meeting! I was in the neighborhood and the price was okay kya!

6. Momo Magic : The price is just right.... for less than 2,000 Rupees.. you can invite 10 folks and have your high school reunion. If you are all recovering alcoholics then don't worry... you can drink half a bottle and you won't go home broke ... this place has great momos and other Nepali stuff.... it's opposite Sajha Petrol Pump... not exactly but just ask somebody once you cross the street kya! You must visit Momo Magic too!

Tomorrow: I will try to do my Top 10 places I used to hang out in Kathmandu.... well, I am recovering from pet-dhooking so I don't go out that much but that's a different story ni!

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  1. HIGHER GROUND DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!! mmmmmmmm I approve.