Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mid-Year Resolutions...

I tried with them 'New Year's Resolutions' stuff and it never worked out.. so now let' see if them 'Mid-Year Resolutions' thing works out hai!

1. Drink more water:

I haven't been drinking lately. Yes, I stopped drinking since March 14th, 2011! I am not an alcoholic.. just kahiley kahi .. kay bhancha social drinker! Anyways... then I got all them stomach problems and the next two months, I spent like 6 hrs a day in my meditation room!

I went to the doctor ... and then finally decided to go for them 'wire up my arse' thing.. which hurt like hell but it was nice to hold the pretty nurse's hand while daktaar saheb was wiring my arse and telling his wife to cook 'Aloo Matar' @ the same tyam kya!

So.. now since I ain't drinking beer seer, vodka sodka.. I better drink more water because I want to have a fair and hensum face without them Desi cream sream kya! I heard them 'drinking water like 3 ltrs a day makes your skin glow' rey!)

2. Gain more weight:

Yes... some ladies want to be size zero..... some guys want to be size zero as well. I don't know why but that's how some folks! Anyways, lost 7 kgs thanks to IBS and what not... and now I look like that guy from 'Into the Wild' just before he ate them berries kya!

Now...everyone tells me ... 'myaan.. what happened.. you look good... but don't get skinnier than this hai' ... So I will now follow Aamir Khan's Ghajini handbook for muscle-banaaa-ing by eating like 43 egg-whites a day and like 4 boiler chicken boiled... hehe!

And since I am starting to forget lot of things... I will probably tattoo my name, my mobile number and your name on my chaati as well!

3. Quit smoking:

Yes.. I have been trying to quit smoking since I was 17.... now I am 24 (hehe!)... I first tried them Marlboro Reds.. then switched to Lights then to Menthol Lights then to Ultra Lights.. then Camel.. then Amrikan Spirit ... then back to Marlboro.. and now Surya 24 Carats Lights.. haha!

But I really want to quit now... like tomorrow because I want to grow old and be with you till I am 84 kya and we can both go bungy wungy @ Last Resort then!

4. Run a Marathon:

Yes.. my sister ran them 'Chicago Marathon' ... my father was a very good long-distance runner when he was my age... and my brother-in-law did them 'Kathmandu Marathon' thing few years ago.. so this September.. I want to run a Marathon.. tyehi Kathmandu wallah... it's so jpt but would be fun to compete with Micro-buses and tyampoos ni!

So I need to start my training soon... because I don't want to make a fool of myself like I did few years ago when I did them 5K race and stopped for a local chiya and churot and got my ass kicked by the wheel-chair participants who had started their race like 10 minutes pachi !

5. Go to bed Early:

I need to start going to bed @ like 11pm and waking up at 5am hola... because nowadays I go to bed at 5am and wake up at 9am .. hehe (sometimes I don't sleep at all...and just go to work and only sleep the next day!) .... So no more Count Dracula ... I want to wake up early , run like 5-6 miles a day... drink lotsa water , eat boiled chicken (4 wata) and 43 egg whites a day... so I can be a lean, mean , running machine hola ni!

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