Sunday, June 12, 2011

18 Things I Hate About You!

Mohan Baidya aka Rambo is so pissed that he could piss some dhoonga mooda and then his hard-core cadres can use it to do some daang-doong rey! He has come up with his '18 things I hate about you!' list and is being widely circulated among his fans!

Our communists are really good at playing this blame game and trying to bash each other up kyaaruh! They can't just sit down and make up ... they go on a writing spree ... they could churn out more novels than Agatha Christie did during her lifetime kyaaruh!

Anyways, Baidya has accused Prachandoo of serious ideological and moral deviations rey .... and he is pissed that he had to stay up late and write them down during them weekends kya!

I don't want to go through them '18' deviations of Prachandoo by Rambo dai .. it might take us another 18 years just to go through it and figure out what it means.. so let's take a short-cut hai!

"On the political front, Prachandoo is moving towards rightist reformism and national capitulationism from his centrist oppertunitism" ... waah! What the @#$! was that? I don't know if them words got lost in translation but I never heard such big words before! I am dumb or our English dailies ko editors are all MA pass in English from TU..hehe!

This is what happens when our comrades spend all their tyam reading them out-dated Marxist books and memorize all them words which no one really understands... even Marx didn't .. maybe Marx was busy trying them opium sopium when he decided to invent them new words kya!

So let us try to figure out what that meant... I think what Baidya meant was that Prachandoo acts like a centrist-opportunist but is actually a right-wing reformist! I have no clue what this means either but instead of waiting for the ball in front of the goal-keeper, he likes to play from the right bhannaw khojya hola ni!

What the hell is National Capitulationism? I don't know.. I asked another comrade at the local chiya-pasal and he replied, 'Prachandoo has surrendered ni... look at them recent deals seals with them reactionary forces'... so why use all this 'big commie' words kya?

Siddhai bhaney hooncha ni.. Prachandoo lay khattam garyo.. haha! Baiya wants to capture the state but Prachandoo wants to capitulate ... at least they got the 'cap' thing right ni!

Prachandoo is accused of doing anything both moral and immortal -- for the sake of power, money and prestige rey! If Tony Montana read this he would be like... 'Say hello to.. my little friend, it's all about money, power and women kya!'

Well, thank God we only have Rekha Thapa and we don't have politicians like that crazy buda from Italy.. hehe!

Baidya is mad because Prachandoo likes to hang out with them 'business mafia' and there is no transparency in them hisab-kitab rey! Koon chai party ko hisab kitab thik cha ruh? Ramdev baba was 'Yes, I have like 5,000 crores.. so what!' but our netas don't want to disclose their assets or them party ko kharcha kya!

Our netas say stuff like .. 'I own nothing but my wife owns 4 annas of land, 5 tolas of gold, 6 goats and 7 chickens.. tyo pani dai-jo ma paako!' .. hehe!

Prachandoo is also accused of 'self-centric individualistic tendency', intolerance toward those holding dissent and using his power to silence their voices... rey! Or he also suffers from bi-polar disorder and needs to take some med before he thinks he is the new king of Lamjung and wants his son to marry (third tyam!) some Rajput-ni from Rajasthan! Ye.. sorry, he does seem to suffer from disassociative identity disorder ni!

Baidya also accuses Dahal of sleeping with the enemy... them Desis and the RAW SAW agents..hehe! What's new? Nothing... we all know our netas are corrupt and will sell their souls to the devil sevil kya to sleep in them bed sed @ Baluwatar!

But Nepal ma yestai ho... kasko bau ko taa-gawt uni haroo lai thik parnaw.. Rajesh Hamal.. we need you kya... and at the end of the day, GaneshMan, the 'Wrestler' will quit his party and die but people like GirijaBabu will run the show and screw the country!

Mao-buddies ko halat pani tyestai ho.... Mohan Baidya will go crazy and will move to some jungle and be the next 'Baba' who will then cross the border and fight them Indian BSF wallahs .... alone!

Baburam will go back to teaching them 'urban planning' stuff and will bring out some poetry kitab sitab, Hisila Didi will be seen cycling to Pulchowk campus... and what about Prachandoo?

He will be running the show for a long tyam and that means.. we are going to get screwed again and again ... one man can ruin the country! Thank Girija for all the mess since the 90s ... Gyanu Uncle didn't have much time.. only his cronies had some fun .. and Gabuju will take us back to the stone age while he and his byapari friends will have all the fun!

Who's Gabuju? Well, Prachandoo suffers from them disorders.. he thinks he is a combo of Gandhi-Buddha-Jungey kya!

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