Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fight Against Corruption...

Ramdev, the belly-dancing Baba (he can do some crazy stuff with his belly rey!) is on a hunger strike.... why? Because he is pissed at them Desi government for not doing enough to curb corruption rey! Ramdev must be a communist... not our 'Nepali' kind kya... more of a 'Dumpling' communist from China hola ni!

He wants to hang them corrupt clowns (like the Chinese do!), freeze all them bank accounts and what not (them Amrikis do that!)... and bring back the 'black' money deposited in them foreign banks by them ghoos-khoris rey!

Them Desi politicians are not happy with Rammy's nataks and are now questioning his lifestyle kya! Yes.. don't rock the boat kya.. or them netas will send the Income-Tax wallahs to his house hola ni!

Yes, Ramdev likes to travel in his own private jet and he owns them properties all around the world and his annual income chahi around 40 million Amriki dollars rey! Late Sai Baba's ko dhan-shun worth 8.5 billion Amriki dollars rey... .so Rammy dai has a long way to go if he wants to make it in them Forbes list hola!

But we really have to thank him for introducing Yoga Syoga to our Nepali folks and all them breathing techniques and what not! Maybe he should introduce some retro-Yoga stuff for the facebook generation pani!

If it weren't for Ramdev then our Nepalis wouldn't be drinking Ghee-rou-la ko juice and breathing like something is stuck up their nostrils kya! Even Prachandoo met Ramdev a while ago... our comrade must be jealous of him hola!

Don't worry Prachandoo... you may not have your own private jet yet... but you are the Emperor now.... so it's much more fun traveling in them SUVs and flying to ASEAN countries for your one-day tour kya!

And you already own prime real-estate in Kathmandu .... so don't worry, you are getting there! Now just try them breathing techniques every morning because your afternoons are spent trying to not get some spit on your face when Mohan Baidya is blabbering kya!

Ramdev wants to be a politician ... but he must know that when one is a Baba, he doesn't have to keep his followers happy kya! Them followers will shower him with paisa, peda and poo-lau (money, sweets and food bhanya!).

But when you are a neta, it's the other way around... you better get them sarkari jobs for your cadres, look the other way when your side-kicks take bribes and make sure that your party members are all satisfied or else you get stabbed in the back kya!

So what if ... Ramdev becomes them Desi PM someday... not happening but imagination is important than knowledge bhanchan ni! He would probably address the nation and he won't be standing or sitting kya... probably do a headstand hola!

And them Desi taxpayers will save some money because he doesn't wear any shirts, tie-suits etiyaadi.... and he has his own private jet so I guess he can afford them transportation kharcha pani (no need to use them public funds kya!)... and he doesn't need to drink and party... but I hear he likes Yakult very much .. haha!

He can charm them world leaders by performing his famous 'belly-dancing' act or if nothing works out then he can teach them some of his breathing techniques as well! He might even whisk Carla Bruni away from Sarkozy... because them European ladies really love hairy-men rey kya!

Ramdev has like 30 million fans rey! Aamir Khan has 3 million facebookers... but if Ramdev becomes the face of India then say good bye to all them designer labels, no shaving etiyaadi... everybody will look like a hobo and they will all be doing them headstand in a bus-stand hola ni!

So all hairy-men, or hairy-men with long beards or hairy-men with long beards and long hair who can do them headstand... please rejoice!

And news from Nepal chahi... the musical band.. "The Former's" are now visiting Bangladesh! Yes, our former-prime monster, Makune along with Sujata auntie and Hisila Yami are now in Bangla-land trying some fish curry hola ni!

Makune is probably the only person who became Prime-Monster without winning them election selection! That's like.... I don't know but what was Prachandoo thinking kya?

Sujata auntie was once our foreign minister ... no wonder she only likes foreigners her foreign son-in-law who has made billions of Rupees from them VoIP and APC scams! After all let us not blame Rubel... he must have read Sujata auntie's previous book sook kya.. yes that one ni.. 'How I crashed RNAC and cashed out!'

Hisila didi was once our 'Tourism' Minister-ni ... and when she first showed up at the ministry.. she said to the hakim saheb 'I know jack-shit about tourism shoe-rism.. so do whatever you have to do... just let me read some books in a corner hai!'

Yesto taal cha hamra neta haroo ko... I think we don't need a government yaar! Baburam can do more if he becomes Kathmandu's mayor kya! After all... PhD tuh urban planning ma ho ni... hoinuh ruh?

He would probably burn all them so-called complex somplex ... if Baburam had his way, we would all live in a commune, work in them fields all day, read books at night, party and dance until 3am but we might have to do with only roti and sabjis kya... so if you want chicken chilly and whisky then Prachandoo uncle would be your favorite mama .. haha!

Sujata auntie chahi.... I don't know... she can open a beer-garden near her house and dress up like them German girls (hehe!) and sell German beer while her foreign son-in-law makes the meanest fish curry and her daughter can man or woman the cash register kya!

What about Hisila Yami? I think she's hot .... hot as in ... 'She can really kick some arse' ... she nearly gave Prachandoo a bicycle-kick (hehe!) but hubby, BRB had to restrain her rey.. he was like.. 'Baby... save some energy for later... kya'

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