Monday, June 20, 2011

New York, New York.....

Sushil Da... the President of Nepal Kangaroos (Congressis) is off to New York... for his check-up seck-up rey! Waaah.. kya mazza hamro neta haroo lai.... while the rest of us get misdiagnosed and die in them hospitals, both public and private; our great netas are always visiting them foreign lands for their prostate exams!

I guess they do need them foreign hands in them places hola ni... hehe! Hope Sushil Da gets to try them hot dogs and pretzels in New York... just don't choke on it hai! And them New York ka NRN congressis will probably do some program @ Jackson Heights and talk about why NC is the one and only party for Nepal!

NC ko tyam syam gayo abuh... see-reef Madeshi ruh Maobaddies ko tyam ho yo.. moaz garnaw... UML might be raking in some moolah with with Youth Force goondas but the Mao-buddies will start their 'killing' spree soon kya!

Well, don't want to be harsh on the old man... he had tongue cancer few years ago rey! Lau.. get well soon and hope Lion Brave (Sher B.) Give Father (Deuba) doesn't make new deals with the Mao-buddies while Sushil buda is gone...hehe!

Deuba lai pani tongue ko problem cha rey.... but it's nothing serious.. when he was them so-called underground neta in the Panchey days... our Nepal police decide to have fun by wiring his tongue to some electrical appliance rey kya! That's why his tongue is slippery but kehi naw bhaye pani ... the Mrs. is all satisfied ni..hehe!

What's up with our comrades? Them students in Gorkha got their arses kicked by our comrades because the students were protesting against them nataks by the Mao Inc.

Yes, we all know how the 'Three Tenors' want to come out with their solo albums real bad but what the @#$! is going on.. you are supposed to grab that mobster from Biratnagar and hand it to your Home Minister ni .. not bash each other and them poor students kya!

Our so-called netas and their chamchas have decided to interfere in nearly everything in this countr, from local school management to drinking water ko project to hydro to every other government contracts and what not!

So.. this is why the Mao-buddies fought for all them years and why we decided to rise up against Gyanu Uncle kya.... so that these clowns will have more fun than the Ranas-Shahs and Pancheys combined ... ki kay ho?

And the funny thing is ... tyo Biratnagar Mobster used to be a cabbie once (few years ago) and now he is worth billions of Rupees rey. And he started of as a timber smuggler and gave them Maoists a cut .... and now he is the Youth Force Daku .. but he knows how to do business (Nepali eestyle) .. he has paid off all them local leaders of them political parties rey!

And they get free vehicles and pocket money... while them big fishes like KP Oli get them cash in boras rey kya! And since he is KP Oli's piranha... no one can touch him.

What is this? The new 'Rana' Saashun... Dhir Shumsher had 17 sons so don't blame them if they enjoyed the loot then (although I feel sorry for the real 'Jungeys' ... but now, we have like thousands of so-called leaders and all sharing the loot... baroo... let's ask all these mundrey goondas and netas to bash each other up and fight for the championship belt ni baroo!

So whoever ends up alive ... then gets to rule that place until some other cabbie shows up and decides to be a gangster ni!

Them mundrey goondas (again from the UML) were burning stuff up in front of Shanker Dev Campus and then our good for nothing chor-police decided to enter them campus and beat up innocent students! And where did them goondas go... they were busy across the street, laughing their arse off ni!

Yestai ho .... I think it's about time, all college students carried a laathi and a helmet whenever they go to school kya! And first, beat the crap out of them so-called student leaders and their mundrey goondas!

And if them cops decided to barge in and beat the students up... then just retaliate and hit back... abuh Nepal ma... we have to defend ourselves not only from them criminals (who pay off them netas the poor hooker or hookah [male gigolo..hehe] pays the pimp!), but also from the cops (bunch of low-lifes) and cabbies (no meters nowadays ...either you pay their price or walk all the way home to eat some rice kya!)

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