Saturday, June 11, 2011

Size does matter...

Khagendra Thapa Magar will be losing his crown tomorrow! Yes, when it comes to them 'Shortest Man' title .. size does matter ni! Khaggu is 26.4 inches tall! If he had a better agent then he would probably have bagged them million dollar deals doing them TV commercials around the world!

And now, a Filipino is expected to be named the new champion when he turns 18 on Sunday!

Junrey Balawing (very catchy name same hagi!) was measured at about 24 inches from tuako to khuuta, lying down rey and 23 inches when standing up rey! Lau.. where the @#$! did that one inch sinch disappear ni?

And the local government is preparing to celebrate with balloons and a cake for Balawing rey! Get that man a beer ... he is 18! Well if he was an Amrikan then he would have to get a fake ID or ask his crazy uncle to buy him a beer... he is a Filipino! He comes from the land of San Miguel! What is he going to do with them balloons.. fly away?

If you drink a bottle of San Miguel beer here in Nepal... then you can win a free trip to some beach party in Philippines kya! Baroo let us all pitch in and send our Khaggu bhai down there and maybe he can party with the new champ, Junrey bhai!

I think we should have sent Khaggu bhai all around the world to promote our 'NTY 2011' thing kya! But we still have some time... and if our NTB-wallahs and them hotel sahujis are serious about promoting Nepal.. then we should host them 'Little People Convention' here in Nepal .. and Khaggu bhai can be the 'MC' kya!

So forget all them crazy professors who attend them conference sonference... let's invite all them little people from all around the world.... this September... I hear they party sarty and spend more than them so-called khaatey tourists who take the local bus from Sunauli to Kathmandu ... and ask for a student discount..haha!

Lau tuh.. hope Khaggu enjoyed being the world's shortest man ... and hope we can ask Apa Sherpa to climb Everest one more time... he can take Khaggu with him as well!

And then what? Then.. we say to Junrey Balawing.. 'Can you top this .. little man?'

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