Monday, May 30, 2011

Valid till 90 days!

Our EU-wallahs, the (UN)neccesary folks and the rest of the world are happy that our so-called netas have extended their expiry date ... again! Our CA members were crashing in them sofas, chairs.. bichara... if only Red Bull had sponsored the whole event... then our clowns would have been more alert hola!

And Jhallu Baba is not leaving Baluwatar unless all them fools come up with a new prime-monster rey! If Makune (Madhav Kumar Nepal) can be our caretaker PM for seven months then why can't Jhallu get some R&R @ Baluwatar ... hoinuh ruh?

He can now relax, watch them comedy stuff on Desi Channels and wait for the call kya! Maybe he should just look around them hydro-power projects for new SUVs... our netas take home a free vehicle every tyam they walk out the door!

Kamal Thapa & Co. must have sent their cadres home... because I don't see any multi-colored RPP flags around town! And Kamal dai has decided that his CA members won't take their paychecks for the extended term rey! Wow... good job, and how about a refund (last three years ko!) as well?

Kamal dai doesn't need them 50K a month. He got to spend Rs 500,000 a day when he was them home minister kya! So... he must have few crores lying around hola ni!

And Count Prachula thinks if it weren't for them 5-point deal between them three idiots, then there would have been a 'big accident' in the country rey! Thanks a lot.... now I guess we don't have to worry about another so-called accident for the next three months!

And the next 90 days will be the 'biggest test' for them political parties and the people rey! Prachula should stop mentioning the 'people' kya! We are really tired of hearing this... it was never about us... it has been more of a 'pee on the people' for the last three years... hasn't it?

Looks like no more bandhs planned in the valley anytime soon.... I guess Kamal Thapa has three more months to plan ... a bigger, better nautanki nataks hola! And our Nepal police can go back to drinking on duty, harassing people and doing what they do best... nothing!

So now.. instead of focusing on them integration nataks, constitution writing and what not.. our netas will spend the next 90 days trying to divide them ministries and Prachula will make sure that Dr. Saheb is not heading to Baluwatar!

Prachula is very confident that we are finally moving towards the path of peace , prosperity and independence rey! What? Yes ... we are very confident too but we don't get them security like you do and no, we haven't made billions from them extortion rackets like you have and talking about independence... we are not the ones who hid in Delhi and signed them 12-point deal kya... if you think you have broken free from the Desis then why on earth are you still kissing their arses ni!

Nothing wrong with kissing arses hola.... but if you are sleeping with the Desis then just come out the closet and admit it kya! We are tired of hearing them 'Anti-India' nataks ..... your cadres blow up them factories, burn down them hydro-power projects... baroo.... maybe you should be thankful to them Desis because if it weren't for them.... Gyanu uncle would still be giving them boring speeches and Kamal dai would be playing tennis @ the home ministry!

Let the countdown begin... our netas have wasted three years .. doing nothing! So expecting them to wrap it up in the next three months is like asking Stephen Hawking to believe in God! I have no idea what that meant.. hehe .... but it's not going to happen. You know it... I know it but we still try to believe that it will happen like them Man U fans who thought Rooney could ruin Barca's run.. haha!

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