Monday, May 2, 2011

No Worries....

Our great Prime-Monster Jhallu Baba has called for an economic revolution so that our workers will someday be able to pay their bills and save some money on the side... well, Jhallu and his big ass mouth ... gala pani kya pokche cha bhaney..hehe!

I think Jhallu Baba is either smoking some herbs or must be them magic mushrooms hola! What kind of revolution ko kura garya... when our Finance minister , Mr. VAT-ey (pronounced 'bhaatey') Mohan Adhikari wants to forgive and forget them nakkali VAT bill wallahs and them tax evaders!

Jhallu Baba .... I think you have a poor eyesight... so please do get them magnifying glasses or something! Ani calendar salender ma May 28th pani dekcha ki... or maybe he just wants to hang around for a bit and he knows he will get a SUV, few guards and all them bhatta as 'former PM' .. so no worries kya!

Sujata auntie has warned of bloodshed if the Maoists don't tighten their belts and get this 'constitution' natak on tyam or else they will be extinct rey! What... she is still here... janoos ho auntie ... abuh pugyo kya tapai ko guff suff soon-naw!

Sujata auntie, stop drinking them VAT 69 kya... baroo drink some karela ko juice, do some yoga or zumba or salsa or whatever! The Mao-buddies are here to stay.... tyetro jagga sagga chode-raw khoi bhag-cha ruh? UML will probably be the first one to go ... and Congressis haroo ko pani tyehi ho taal! So Sujata auntie.... it's over kya... you have made your billions.... now please leave us alone!

Them Wikileaks anoo-saar... them Europeans ... the Danes and all them Scandinavian clowns and other goras were planning their 'kick Gyanu out' campaign in 2005 rey and the Desis were like ... 'we too!'

If only Gyanu Uncle knew then... he would have asked them Euro-wallahs .. 'Why? ... I am not white enough for you.... do you want me to dye my hair blonde?... I can get them blue contact lenses ... and even eat a bora of Toblerone a day.. or something' ... haha!

Well... G-man is now racking up his frequent flyer miles kyaaruh.... he's like... always hanging out in India ... for them weddings and what not! Well, he plans to sell some of his investments here and buy euta wildlife resort in India rey! Lau badhai cha... baroo tyeha tuh yeha jasto hawa-taari union problem chaina hola ni!

Anyways, every tyam G-man visits India... our netas are worried.... don't worry kya... he won't be the King again... but 'President' chai ... bhanna saki-daina... them Desis are funny... we just don't know how they spin their balls.. I meant cricket ni feri!

Well, the EU folks are pumping millions of dollars ... for all them peace-building ani kay kay nataks..... well instead of peace seace... our netas are like.... 'Where's my piece?' and the Desis have dumped our Mao-buddies and are now sleeping with our Madeshi leaders.... but they still keep in touch rey ... haha!

Thank you NEA... or should we thank all them paani-purring ... khoob batti cha yo ek dui din tuh (but you may need to buy a boat or canoe ... because all them streets are flooded thanks to our municipality folks with no brains... ani kaha ko drain srain ko buddhi aucha tuh?).... anyways, let's all be happy that we will get down to 11 hours of no batti in few weeks.. that means both 'Area #5' and 'Area #3' can watch 'Tito Satya' at the same tyam hola ni!

Damn... I haven't watched TV lately... well, 4-5 mahina bhayee sakyo... I missed them Royal Wedding natak .. them Cricket World Cup natak ... abuh feri 'Sony' ma CID ruh Desi comedy somedy hare-noo parla...hehe!

CID is probably the best show on this side of the Earth hola .. hoinuh ruh? I think our Nepal Police should stop all them training sraining and save our taxpayers money ... baroo just watch that Desi TV show... CID kya!

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