Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Idiots...

First of all, thank you to these buffoons (maathi ko picture ko) for organizing a rally in the middle of the day. You can stop them Kathmandu ko traffic ... if you have 100 folks dancing in the middle of the street. And 100,000 folks have to suffer and watch these clowns pass by .... even our police-wallahs are like... making way for these mid-day party animals!

And the Champions League Final is only on Saturday.... I don't why them Manchester United fans have to get so pumped up by Thursday kya.. hehe! Kamal Thapa and his 'We want Lord Vishnu' gang are busy ... heard thousands of folks were ferried in from Terai... hope our Pancheys also brought in tons of flour and green chillies.... and pyaz syaz as well!

After all... we all have to eat ni... and I feel sorry for them so-called 'Visit Kathmandu 2011' domestic tourists...hehe! May is not a good month to protest kya! It's hot.... dhulo mulo , and then when you drink them tanker ko paani and baasi khana... then you get jhaada-pakhalaa!

Two more days to go.... and our three big idiots ... them Mao-buddies, Kangaroos and Unidentified Moronic League members are busy hanging out in them resort ... trying to make a deal rey! These three idiots have their meetings all the time and it always ends without any agreement.

If you meet up and always fail to find a solution then why do they meet ... hoinuh ruh? Or they just want to hang out at them five-star hotels because they are tired of going to each other homes and being offered them same doodh-chiya and cell-roti!

The last tyam.. our idiots agreed to something was when they signed them agreement to join hands and go all out against uncle Gyanu... and now we do look like fools .. don't we? Hundreds of thousands of Kathmanduites came out even when there was a curfew and our security forces had no choice but to restrain themselves. Finally, uncle Gyanu said... 'Okay, I give up!' and we thought our so-called leaders would do the right thing this tyam around.. but look where we are today!

Same old song.... playing on repeat.... we got rid of one King so that we could have a dozen more ... from one country... we are slowly disintegrating into 24 little kingdoms... so is this the 'New Nepal' we envisioned?

We can't blame all our CA members... most of them are just happy to get paid on tyam and some of them are in a hurry to make a quick buck by selling their passports and what not! Prachandoo doesn't want to let go of his army... Congressis just want to hang in there and UML will change sides faster than Lady Gaga changes her undies!

And let's get back to the Pancheys again.... thanks to Kamal Thapa and his cadres for organizing a torch rally after 7pm.. when most of us are rushing to go home... you made us all walk .... which is fine.. good for health sealth .. but them @#$!ing fumes from them so-called torches only made us nauseous and next tyam... do a torch rally in the winter ..... we will walk beside you (ali nyano hooncha ki?) and hold it at midnight .... so when our party animals get done with their parties.. they can safely walk home without our chor (police) giving them a hard tyam!

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