Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't Leave Town....

Our Mao-buddies have the 'Home' Ministry... now they don't need to go on a 'Dear Santa Claus' letter-writing spree to them business-wallahs hola ni! Whatever happened to the "People's Volunteers" ?.... khoi... I guess they don't need 500,000 hungry folks when the same work can be done by 50,000+ private security guards paid for by the public!

Mr. Mahara is busy making sure that all them 'cases' against Mao-buddies (for extortion, murder, kidnapping and what not) are thrown in the trash so that they can start with a clean slate hola ni! I hope Mahara makes a few Rupees when he sells all them files to the local kawadai guy!

Great job Mahara.... you are really doing it for the people (your own!) aren't you?

Nepal Police-wallahs have been ordered not to leave their posts until May 28th because Mahara believes that them 'reactionary' forces are plotting something and want our men and women in blue to be on full alert so that them Maoists leaders will not be attacked by their own cadres rey!

Kya mazza.... our Maoist leaders get triple-decker security! First, we have the Armed Police Force or the Nepal Police.... and then the PLA folks and ghar wari pari chahi YCL brothers haroo!

We foot their salaries .... our taxes pay for them APF, NP, PLA while the YCL collects 'local' taxes (extortion) kyaaruh.. either way we pay but we don't have our say kya! We stay in line for 12 hours so that them netas can get 'Free Fuel', we pay more thanks to them broken meters so that the taxi driver can pay his union dues .. yestai ho, Naya Nepal ma!

But if your spouse is giving birth or your loved ones are on their way to the after-life then you can take them leave seave rey! Thank God... Mahara didn't send out another circular ordering the police-wallahs' loved ones to hold their delivery or death until May 28th!

So all this peace, security and constitution stuff is only for our netas! They don't have to worry about their lives getting screwed due to the bandhs because they are the ones carrying out the bandhs ni... and our taxes pay for their security and when it comes to the constitution, it is not about guaranteeing people's rights but just making sure that whoever is elected gets them benefits and local funds to pocket for themselves!

I don't think our 'People's Volunteers' will be doing any rally sally stuff .. so maybe some UML, NC and Rajabadi and our great Madeshi parties will be doing their dance and song routine hola! So that means .. except our Mao-buddies, all of us who may want to do them rallies... please make sure that you wear some helmet selmet, maybe buy a Kevlar Body Armor ... just visit or call them up and ask ... how much for shipping? .. hehe!

And don't forget to get a bamboo stick as well. If you can't find one , just ask for one from the YCLs ... they must have their stock from last year's May rally ni! Well, the YCLs might not sell them sticks to you but you can rent it out, lastuh ma paisa tuh ho.. they are capitalists after all!


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