Sunday, May 15, 2011

Visit Thailand....

Emperor Prachandoo and his crown prince are now in Thailand to participate in some conference organized by Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation! Dahal also attended a conference in Malaysia organized by the same foundation last year!

What is this APECF? We don't know but looks like it has a lot of money to spare ... inviting our great leader every few months here and there kya! And why is our crown prince tagging along with his big daddy? I guess the Emperor needs a computer operator to update his facebook status hola ni!

If you want to know more about APECF then please contact Mr. Eric Tay, who lives in Hong Kong and is the ED (Executive Director) rey! He is the owner of Ocean Link International Investment Limited rey. And his experience chahi ... "Successful Procurement in High Technology Radar System... Successful Defence Radar Technology Upgrading and Research"

Now... let's add all this guff suff up.... so is China planning some radar thing in Nepal ki kya ho? Maybe... our dumpling gang wants some hi-tech radar stuff in Rolpa and Dolpa hola... so if the Desi planes do come some day ... then the Chinese can use their long-range weapons hola ni!

Anyways, hope Prachandoo and son will have them everything lemonized Thai-food sood and get some cheap bags and sandals for his Mrs and buhari ni!

And our so-called government has awarded a cash prize .. Rs 500,000 to Transparency International for doing all it can to curb corruption rey! Haha... this is like Pablo Escobar awarding the DEA some cash prize for doing all it can to stop them cocaine stuff in Colombia!

Well, Escobar died a long tyam ago.... and the Amrikis still love them coke more than ever... and corruption in this country has reached new heights in our 'New' Nepal! In the Panchey days, everything was under the table... today, in our 'republic' days.... you just make the offer they can't refuse or should I say... if you don't make any offer then you are refused... haha!

No wonder .... our marwari businessmen are driving around town in them Porsches! Yes, seen few of them in Kathmandu.... and who the @#$! wants to buy a Hummer? Maybe it's something to be proud of for our tender-wallahs and the fake-VAT bill crowd.... but if the Maoists are really communists then it's about tyam... they give their own prime real-estate in Kathmandu to them squatters living in them slums in Bagmati kya!

While Prachandoo hangs out in Bangkok... our Jhallu Baba is busy visiting photo exhibitions and what not! Yes... it's a good thing to go out and have fun in the city but don't waste our taxpayers money .. you know, them fuel suel, security guards haroo lai bhatta... even Late King Birendra used to drive around town alone or just walk around Durbar Marg... while our new Kings have better security and nautanki than Obama!

Well... let's get back to the picture of the day. Yes, it's our very own , great Chairman Pao (as in Mao) ... when he was just starting out being the 'dui-jibrey' ..... now, he is fat and grumpy ... used to drink Buffalo-milk and watch Karishma Manandhar's movies then ... now, he just can't sleep without drinking 5-6 pegs of them Black Label stuff and without watching Fashion TV rey... haha!

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