Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Care for a Danish?

The Government of Denmark has once again decided to throw their taxpayers money away by providing nearly a billion Rupees to our great government for the implementation of the 3rd phase of 'Nepal Peace Support Program' rey! Just curious but what did the 1st and the 2nd phase accomplish kya? I don't even know what they did .... organize them peace-building workshops hola ni!

Them EU-wallahs, mostly the salmon-eating Vikings from Denmark, Norway etiyaadi are really happy to support Nepal kyaaruh! That's great but will our netas learn a thing or two from Denmark? Well, they get to visit them Scandinavian countries for them gosti-sosti (conference sonference bhanya kay!)

Maybe the Danish should send Brigitte Nielsen to Nepal as their 'Peace Ambassador-ni' or something... we are tired of seeing grumpy old men, fighting with each other and making fools of themselves... baroo Briggie auntie ayo bhaney at least our media will have something to write about and we don't have to puke each day when we see the same three idiots on them front pages kya!

Let's look at Denmark.... only 5+ million Vikings but they seem to be very happy and the one of the least corrupt nations in the world! So does that mean... we should ask 25 million Nepalis to migrate... so our population gets downsized and we will have the same population and still be unhappy and win the 'most corrupt' award hola ni!

Well, we already have 10 million Nepalis (counting the ones in Bollywood!) working in foreign lands and yestai taal ho bhanye... the only ones left in this great nation of ours will be them netas and their chamchas!

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy.... okay, Kamal Thapa should have been suffering from laryngitis by now but since he is the National tennis champion (veterans!) ... I guess playing tennis helps to keep your voice box intact hola ni!

He's been shouting for 'Return of the Mack' (tyo gana khoob chalya tyhiyo ni ek jawana ma!) for the longest tyam... but I guess Gyanu uncle should have played his cards right then.... now we will only have Madeshi Maharajas and Mao-buddies to carve the boiler chicken into two... hehe!

Denmark is a mixed-martial arts country... oops, meant mixed-market capitalist economy but at the same tyam.... it's so big on welfare that all food-stamps wallah in Amrika would like to move to Denmark rey!

Mao-buddies should learn a thing or two when it comes to them hiring and firing policy .... just look at Denmark kya! Very flexible slexible rey... unlike here in Nepal, where you can hire a fool who can't use a tool but if you want to fire him then it's better to set your factory on fire or else the trade-union wallahs will come and do it for you anyway.. hehe!

Them income taxes are high as well but that's why they get free education , health care and what not ni.... so if you are making tons of money then you pay the taxes by the truck kya! But here in Nepal, our communists would rather help our businessmen evade taxes so that they can get funds for their own party karyakarams rather than helping the poor and the needy!

Our Maoists talk about 'free' education but at the same tyam, extort millions of Rupees from them private-school wallahs.. baroo tax them school owners, hospital sahu-jis and provide better services in them government hospitals and public schools ni! Khoi.... can't blame these communists.... they don't have any economics major jasto cha hai!

Prachandey only knows about animal husbandry so if you want to castrate your khasi then go to him (well, he went to Rampur so that class was extra credit rey!). Makune used to be a government employee so he only knows how to read newspapers, drink tea and spend all day sun-bathing!

What about Jhallu? Well, he used to be a teacher once.. tyo pani public school ko.... so he only knows how to teach few lessons a day and wait for the paycheck hola ni!

Abuh kehi bhaye-naw bhaney.... them Danish-Norwegian wallahs should just send them pop band .. 'Aqua' to visit Kathmandu and give us a concert in Rangasala..... maybe JPR events can organize this natak as well! And for the sake of peace-building.... free entry gardim nuh... these EU-wallahs can write it off ... and JPR can get paid from the Nepal Peace Support Program.. hoodai-nuh?

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