Friday, May 27, 2011

Holy Cow....

Another bandh today... this tyam our 'Hindu' gangsters have shut down the valley because they want to go back to the 'Lord Vishnu' days! Well... they should have done all the bandhs and what not when Lord Vishnu was still around ni ... hoinuh ruh?

The local chiya pasal is where Nepal's experts, so-called intellectuals and conspiracy theorists hang out and I go there now and then to find out what our 'buddhi-jivis' are talking about! Hari dai... the only man in our tole who has never ventured outside Ward # 13 is the 'guy who knows everything' and when he speaks... everybody listens or they act like they do!

Hari dai says.... "The Maoists will agree to hand over them weapons in the next three months and they will sign them agreement sagreement and the CA will be extended for another six months but Jhallu Baba will be kicked out of Baluwatar and Prachandoo will be the head coach again!"

The neighborhood devil's advocate shouts back, "But if Prachandoo hands over the bandooks then he will probably get one up his arse as well" .... and the Raja-badi chimes in... "Gyanu Uncle will come back again.... the Maoists need Raja like Jungay did."

Finally, the tole's poet laureate gives his dui-sabda (two cents) .... 'who cares?' and he is probably right..... it doesn't matter who leads the government, who gets them ministries .... it's the same ... not much will change ... our lives won't change for the better.... it will only get worse from here!

And the question of the day is .... 'to eat or not to eat steak?' .... hehe! Our so-called 'Hindu' organizations are really pissed at everyone. We are no longer the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. Our national animal is now a 'Boiler Chicken' instead of a 'Cow' ... and the list goes on and on kya!

Every day, we hear them stories about innocent village ladies being accused of playing with tarot cards and casting spells and trying to para-glide with a broom! And them villagers get together and beat these women and force them to eat shit and stuff! Where were our Ram and Laxman then?

Maybe our Hindu fundamentalists should first fight against the prejudice against the so-called untouchables!When a lower-caste man gets married to a so-called 'thulo' jaat ko woman .... them villagers act like a bunch of Talibans and banish them. The sano-jaat folks are still barred from them temples in them villages and get their arse kicked for using them wells or water taps kyaaruh!

Instead of running around Kathmandu and chanting 'Hamro Raja Hamro Desh' .... and doing them torch rallies... go back to them villages and teach them thulo jaats to accept everyone as human beings and respect others regardless of their castes sasts.. kya!

It doesn't really matter if you like steak, chapati, dumplings or biryani... or believe in Ram, Buddha, Jesus or Allah or the force and pray to the Jedis.....(like I do...hehe!) ... but be a good person! Help the poor and the needy, don't kiss arses just to get ahead.... embrace and love all!

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