Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet...

It took our netas seven months to get a new prime-monster, Jhallu Baba! And now, after three months, Jhallu Baba finally has his cabinet sabinet ready!

So nearly ten months of nautanki nataks... and we now have 23 days to go and now everyone knows that these buffoons will be extending their term by another six months! So... come May 28th, we should organize a sukul bhoj and invite all our CA members and feed them well.

Instead of a protest rally, we should do a 'Thank You' rally hola ni! Yes, thank them for rising food prices, no electricity, no water and fuel shortages, goonda-gardi, loot-paat, maara-maari.... I think we should get our 'Thank You' list ready and then give them to the CA Chairman instead of signing them banners asking for constitution for our so-called 'New Nepal' kya!

And Upendra Yadav is our foreign minister once again... and he also gets to be the deputy prime-monster... so if Jhallu is out of town then he can act like the main guy hola ni! Upendra used to be a Maoist once... then he realized ... he can make more money for himself if he started his own outfit... so our great Madeshi leader now gets to go on a world tour again... hope he has already packed his bags hola!

I hope he visits 10 countries in 20 days and then comes back and write a book sook or something! How he could get pan parag in every corner of the world or where to get the best naan and sabji in Helsinki or something like that kya!

Finally, the Maoists get the 'Home Ministry' ... and Mr. Mahara , the guy who made billions for his party and for his son when he was them 'Telecom' mantri last tyam and he again bagged the 'Telecom' portfolio this tyam but now he can make more when he heads 'Home' hola ni!

Barsha Man Pun has resigned because he wanted 'Home' and I guess... he didn't like the 'Peace' ministry hola! But Mahara knows the tricks and he can really bring in some funds for the party kya... Pun is a little sojho... so Prachandoo likes money and folks who can bring in the dineros kya!

So... now the Maoists have home... and our great police-wallahs are now under the Mao-buddies! And since they plan to organize them rallies from May 15th to 24th ... them police-wallahs can all go back home and relax hola ni!

If them rallies get out of hand then kasley control garney? Hehe... maybe the police-wallah will have to start changing their dress code hola... throw away them 'blue' stuff and wear them red shorts and ganji ... ani bandana pani!

Abuh if we do a rally on May 28th ... then I guess them YCL, People's Volunteer and Nepal Police ...all will be laathi-charging us hola! Lau hai.... badhai cha Jhallu Baba.... and once again, the Maoists and the Madeshi netas and Jhallu & Co. will have some tyam to make some more while the country goes down the drain!

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