Friday, May 6, 2011

Visit Turkey 2011....

Jhallu Baba is going to Turkey... for them UN ko conference on LDCs... and no, LDC doesn't mean 'Lead Dust Collector' ... Least Developed Countries rey! There are 48 countries who belong to the 'LDC' club.... 9 chahi Asian countries haroo and someday we might be the only Asian country in the club hola!

And we have to thank our netas for screwing up time and again and making us a LDC .... while they travel around the world (like them Brunei ko Sultan ko bhai ko mistress ko pahila ko boyfriend ko chora chori...) flashing their 'diplomatic' passports... and we get the 'look' from them immigration officers @ them airports in foreign lands as if we are the chors!

Hope Jhallu Baba and Upia (our foreign minister) enjoy their Turkish bath and then eat all the Shish Kebab they can, smoke hookah and drink them Turkish coffee! Aroo khaas kaam tuh chaina kyaaruh... ghoom ghaam spending our taxpayers' money as usual! Yes, ask them Turkish folks to visit Nepal, invest in our hydro sydro projects and all that same circus act our netas do kyaaruh!

And our great Kangaroos (Congressis) are busy with their 'National Awareness Peace Campaign' BS.... I think they should just quit and move to Vanarasi and start their awareness campaign from there hola! They had their chances ... didn't they?... and they screwed it up like everyone else!

Well, them funds have dried up for our Kangaroos.. our business-wallahs are funding them communists and Madeshi parties because they all kung-fu fighting kya while our Congressis even don't have them notorious dons and goondas under their wings anymore!

And how come the Pancheys are still around... can somebody tell them that the party is over for them...kya? Or they should just join the Madeshi parties hola... because the Rajabadis seem to have more fans in Terai... hehe!

KP Oli and Makune are mad @ Jhallu Baba.... now they won't be able to use the police-wallahs to do the laathi-charging at them 'People's Volunteers' ... but don't worry, you still have that gangster 'Chari' ni... maybe he can show his skills .... like fly away when the YCL comes looking for him again... hehe!

Aaj kal ko gangsters garoo ko naam pani kay ho kay ho... Ghaitey? Chari? .... it was easier back then when we had only the 'Kids' and 'Devils' gang kyaaruh.. haha! And Pokhara ma chahi Panchey and Tawnkey or some shit like that! Nowadays... every tole has them local don and either he is a YCL member or the Youth Force kyaaruh.... once again our Congressis seem to have no local goondas to call their own.

I think Sujata auntie should take care of the 'local goondas' hiring process hola... why? Well, she has like 15-20 mundreys @ her house ... 24 x 7 ... yes, she gets them police-wallahs but you know the police... they aren't good for anything kya!

But the Congressis can always rely on Khumey B. Khadka, them ghoos-khori Home Minister during them 'golden days' hehe.... he ran away to India after his local goondas killed them comrades during the CA election and now he's back but he always changes his undies every few days rey... because he doesn't want to get a wedgie from the Mao-buddies hola ni!

It's Friday.... tyam to watch some Bollywood feelim... and my local DVD pasal-ni has sent me a copy of 'Dum Maro Dum' ... heard it was about Goa or something... always wanted to go there someday ... abuh feelim hay-ray raw kehi sikincha ki?

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