Saturday, May 28, 2011

One More Year...

Our corrupt clowns will extend the CA's term by a year .... our Supreme Court says .. 'six months max' but the law is only for us common citizens and not for our corrupt clowns kya!

Barcelona will be playing 'total football' today and hope Messi dunks over Rooney. Oops.. sorry, this ain't no basketball but I am rooting for Barca because I have always been a Liverpool fan since I was 7.

Those were them glory days for Liverpool. They had Ian Rush, Bruce Gobby-liar and all them khatara players.... but now Kenny Daglish is back coaching them so I guess Liverpool will turn around hola! All my friends are Man Utd. fans ... well, nearly 87% of Kathmanduites seem to love the Red Devils!

Was going to Bouddha this morning.... our Pancheys have indeed done a good job , bringing folks from all over the country. Before we used to see them 'Red' flags... now it's all multi-colored RPP flags all over town!

Hope they have better lodging and fresh dal bhaat tarkaari unlike them 'shutdown' last year by the Maoists where thousands of folks had to sleep in them floors and eat stale food sood kyaaruh!

Kamal Thapa is busy hanging out in front of BICC.... and Gyanu uncle has met with them RAW agents for dinner rey and he has asked the Desis for some special favors. He wants to be 'King' again and he believes that Kamal & Co. will help him to get back his 'throne' .... lau ... Gyanu uncle ... if you had made deals with them Desis then you would still be King kya!

Yes, it's sad but that's the only formula for success in Nepali politics. You have to make a deal with the devil .... (no, I am not saying the Desis ....I love Katti Rolls.. hehe!) ...I guess our netas and them so-called 'Lord Vishnu(s)' do forget to read them history books kya!

Nepal police has beefed up security in the valley. And once again our local burglars have done us proud by stealing them paisa saisa, TV CV from a DSP's house! Last year, they burglarized a DIG's (Deputy Inspector General) residence!

I guess everybody is downsizing hola hai.... no more jagga dalals to extort these days because the land prices in the valley is down as well. But our burglars need to move a step up hola... why not burglarize them CA members ko ghar?

Try Prachandoo's palace in Naya Bazaar... haha.... he has like 80 security officials paid for by the taxpayers and another 75+ PLA men who are also paid for by the public! Yes , he is the new King of Nepal. No wonder, Gyanu Uncle is pissed... he gets less security and perks then our netas!

But why is Gyanu uncle still getting them benefits and security and what not? I don't know.... even Kamal Thapa, our former Home Minister during 'Gyanu Times' still gets them police-wallahs!

Yestai ho Naya Nepal maa.. when it comes to misusing government vehicles and security, our corrupt clowns do each other them favors so even if them tide changes, whoever is outside the fence still gets some love from the state kya!

Gyanu uncle... I think you should quit smoking and just be the chairman of the RPP and maybe you will win a seat from Kathmandu and then you can just do a bandh around Nirmal Niwas every other day!

Mr. Bijukche, the chairman of the Nepal's Workers and Peasants Party (NWPP) has decided to vote for the CA's term extension! What? This is the same guy who wanted a President's rule a year ago! And our President happens to be his classmate kyaaruh.. so I guess Bijukche got his few crores from the comrades!

The Unidentified Moronic Losers (UML) change their wardrobe faster than Lady Gaga.... so they will vote for it anyway while our Congressi babus are just acting like they are tough but they will be happy if they get to share the pie so let's see how it goes ... we still have few hours to go!

Prachandoo and his gang will lose the most if they don't get one more year of 'free looting' ... it's hard to go the jungle now .... hoinuh ruh? And our President is happy doing his Yoga and drinking doodh chiya in the morning... he doesn't want to get ulcers now!

And we think we should also extend 'Visit Nepal Year 2011' for one more year as well. If we had no bandas then maybe we could have gotten them 'million' tourists hola... or maybe we can extend this 'tourism' thing until we get our consitution... hoinuh ruh?

So let's celebrate 'VNY 2012' .. maybe we can get few folks from London who want to get out of their country during them Olympics kya!

Barcelona will win .... my prediction is 3-1 , Messi scores two! And our netas also win .. CA 3 People 0!

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