Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bandh season....

Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationality (NEFIN) is planning to flex their muscle this Friday. Yes, Kathmandu will see another bandh again... baroo we should have 'Saturday' as the official 'bandh' day in our so-called 'new' constitution hola!

Nabin Subba .. where are you? Can't you just ask the NEFIN guys to organize a film festival instead... hehe! Maybe you can get some more $$$ from the EU folks and NEFIN can do a year long dance program ni baroo!

So if you want to do a bandh then you are only allowed to do your nataks on Sanibaar kya! Aroo din tuh hami lai gari khaa-naw diye hooncha ni bhatey haroo ho! NEFIN can do a dance program every Saturday in Tundikhel and what about the Bhramin-Chettris?

Well the BCs have now decided to do their own bandhs kyaaruh! The 'Priestly Class' did their walkathon and 'Meet & Greet the CDO' in Biratnagar and the Chettris are shutting down Western Nepal!

The Madeshis shut down Terai now and then... the Newa-Tamang combo platter do their thing in Kathmandu.... hope one day .. them 'Aama Samuha' (Mom knows best!) will all come out on the streets and kick all them bandh-wallah haroo ko arses!

We have 146 ethnic groups, 14 trade unions, 26 ho ki 27 political parties (note lay vote paako parties haroo!) and all of them love this 'bandh' nataks! (I think I made some of that up hola .. but who cares?)

I guess we can finally say 'Goodbye Nepal 2011' ... and we have to thank our political parties for promising them tourism-wallahs that no bandhs will take place this year and now they must be saying 'just kidding yaar' hola ni!

Abuh attiy bhayo... it's about tyam ... we all band together and organize a bandh to end all bandhs.. haha!

Them bandhs don't affect our netas, sarkaari hakims and gangsters! But it screws up the economy and gives the rest of us migraines because we have to go to work and we don't get free ride, fuel and medical benefits like our CA members!

Them folks tell us that they are doing it for the people. Koon chahi people ko laagi ho? For the daily wage earner who will make nothing on them 'bandh' days, for the taxi driver who will have to stay home and can't make something with his tampered meter. For the micro-bus driver , who races around Kathmandu like he is some Grand Prix driver and barely makes 300-400 for himself!

Or is it for them ghoos-khori folks so that they can stay home, play cards, drink some bideshi whisky and relax .. khoi lastuh ma tyehi chor haroo lai po 'Sanibaar' nai bhayo ni!

Our schools will be closed, them small shops and restaurants will have to shut down or the bandh-wallahs will vandalize them places... yestai ho 'New' Nepal maa... shut everything down and the last person leaving Nepal .. please turn off the lights.... hehe!

Sorry.... by the tyam the last person leaves... there will be no electricty kyaaruh... so just leave a solar 'tuki' hola ni!

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