Monday, May 9, 2011

Rain, Raid and Rant....

Load Shedding hours now down to 73.50 rey.. who the @#$! comes up with them numbers kya? So what will you do with them extra .5 hrs of extra batti? Watch TV, or micro-wave them leftovers , ki chahi, use them paani-tanney machine .. hehe!

Come monsoon, we will have batti for like 20+ hours a day and since we get so used to living without them during the winter.... we do get more frustrated when we have more batti kya! I haven't watched them TV CV for a long tyam.... and am used to running to my cousin's house for them quick showers every other day because even if there is paani in the tankie.. there is no batti to chalau the machine!

Now, my house is getting solarized ... bye bye to inverter hola.... maybe I should do that 'rain harvesting' thing this monsoon as well but looks like we have started early this year, so need to buy a canoe or go kayaking right here in them streets of Kathmandu... maybe Nepal Tourism Board can organize a 'Monsoon' dance party so that we will still have tourists during the rainy season... how about rafting in Koshi or them places during them floods kya!

Yes, them kuireys will love it hola.. .adventure pani hoonay (please sign them consent forms.. we are not responsible if your canoe is stuck somewhere and you are dead sead!)... and volunteer solinteer pani garney ni... yes, distribute them foods, medicine etiyaadi!

Every year, we have them floods.. and our folks lose their homes, families and what not! Well, let us not even talk about our government or them sarkaari chors! I think we should move all our government offices and ministries to them flood regions hola!

Come May 28th, let us all kick our netas and their hakim sahebs .. out of the valley and baroo have them ministries in them rural areas ni! And if you are them tender-wallah or dalal then you better go trekking and spend some money on them domestic tourism thing... and we can save money when our netas don't need them gas-guzzling SUVs and what not kya!

Well, we can have them porters and they can carry our chor-netas on them doko soko.. from one hill to another... baroo kasai lay kaam saam ruh maam pani tuh paucha ni... and maybe Prachanda will drink Kodo ko raksi and not Black Label.. baroo gau ghar ko budi aama haroo lay pani kehi daam paucha ki?

SP Rijal, the new 'cowboy' of Kathmandu is doing a great job... like all them SPs before .. .raiding them guest houses, massage parlors, restaurants, casinos! Yes, good job... so I guess them kidnappers, gangsters all go for them massages, chicken tandooris and crash at them guest houses hola ni!

All our gangsters are hiding in them safe houses, provided by our netas ... and since they are not paying off the cops for protection, it's tyam to get some moolah from the small businesses like restaurants and them guest houses hola ni! When the police raid them massage parlors, they haul them girls and them so-called clients to the police station but the owner is busy drinking raksi @ some bhatti on the other side of town!

Instead of wasting our tyam, and them fuel suel and harassing ordinary folks... our police-wallahs should be raiding them netas' houses and arresting them gangsters ni!

The 'Bird Man' aka Chari is now out of jail rey! Yes, he also happens to be a local leader of UML ko gangsta rappers aka 'Youth Force' in his local gau .... it's good to be a gangster in 'New' Nepal! And Mr. Mahara aka 'Phone(y)' mantri has stopped them transfers of them SPs rey!

Yes, them district level ma SP is the 'King' kyaaruh... and if you want to get posted to them 'paisa-waal' cities then you need to pay our IGP ... 1+ crores rey! And then he has to give some to the Home Ministry ko hakim and the 'Home' minister gets his cut as well! And we can't blame our police-wallahs for harassing them restaurant-wallahs or trying to catch some 'Nepali' gamblers @ them casinos. Then they get some 'hafta' from them businesses ni... after all they also need to recover their investment hoinuh ruh?

So... them UML wallahs might not get them paisa abuh tuh... now Mahara can ask for more and give some to his party and keep few crores for himself hola ni! Lau Badhai Cha..... yestai ho Nepal maa.... our netas have no intention of bring reform to the police force or any other sarkaari offices... it's just another place to make your dough and use them as your servants! Jai Hos!

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