Monday, May 23, 2011

Tax the Poor...Feed the Rich!

The communists are supposed to be for the people hoinuh ruh? Our Mao-buddies did all that daang-doong for the people... yah right! Even our Congressis are actually socialists and not them so-called capitalist pigs ni! But we have had 3 communist prime-monsters in the last two years and what have they done for the people? Nothing!

All that talk about 'civilian supremacy' is nothing but just another opportunity for our so-called leaders to rule over the bureaucracy while our civil servants rule over us! Has anything changed in them sarkari offices since 2006? Nothing!

They had the 'evil' king to blame for the last 50 years.... but now we don't have anyone to blame .... so maybe our so-called leaders can blame the people for everything that's wrong with the country today!

We have a communist finance minister who likes to sleep with the business-wallahs! Nothing wrong in starting your own business and making profits but if you are selling adulterated goods which screws up our vehicles, our health and our homes then the government should take action against them racketeers ni.. hoinuh ruh? But what does our government do? Nothing!

The fake-VAT bill-wallahs and tax evaders are getting richer every day while majority of the people are barely making enough to survive! Thank you communists.... for fighting for the proletariat!

And now our finance minister, VAT Mohan Adhikari wants to match or beat them revenue collection by the Mao-buddies but since the economy is @#$ed ... and the jagga-dalals aren't making a dime ... so who do we tax? The people.. of course... wah rey.. kya idea .... tyehi paw-dya thiyo yee daka communists haroo lay!

Now, if you run across the border to buy some noon, tel (oil) and some biskoot and kurta surta then you will be taxed rey! So anything over Rs 100.. you have to pay them taxes so that our sarkari hakims can get more benefits and our netas can get free sarkaari vehicles long after their tenure is over!

Yes, we share them open border with the Desis and our smugglers make billions of Rupees a year by bribing our custom officials, them APF border patrols and our netas get a piece of the cut as well!

And if you are coming back from school, work or just ghoom-ghaam then don't be surprised if them airport-chors want to tax your digital camera or laptop.... that's how we roll in Nepal! Janta lai dookhaw diney, sarkari chor ruh neta haroo lai chai sabai choot soot kya!

So ... Mr. VAT Mohan, instead of taxing the poor, why not go after them tax evaders, smugglers and the fake-VAT bill wallahs? If you are a 'real' communists then show us your 'sickle & hammer' tattoo .. even if it's on your buttocks.

We normally don't want to see a grumpy old man's arse-tattoo but show us that your are a real communist kya (like them Obama's birth certificate hehe). Our communists better stick to their 'Red' book instead of acting like them Amrikans who don't mind buying 'Made in China' stuff but then go out to DC for them 'Free Tibet' rallies!

What? I don't know where that came from .... but yes, our communists should either learn a thing or two from Cuba and not try to be like that Kimmy guy from North Korea! Or we can learn a thing or two from them as well!

That is.. either let's go nuclear so everybody is scared of us and gives us more $$$ not to blow shit up or we roll like Castro... I meant the cigar ni feri.... so that we can sell the world them cigar wigar etiyaadi.. Cubans may want to swim to Miami and join the MLB (Baseball!) but they do have the best health care stuff rey!

Baroo.. our communists should change their political status ni... stop being fake-communists.... we have had it with all your BS.... real communists don't run around town in the gas-guzzling SUVs with all them security kya... they either walk to work or hop on a tyampoo! Ho ruh? Khoi... communists haroo tyesto po hoo-noo parcha bhanya kay!

Maybe... we need a new political party hola... 'Robin Hood Party of Nepal' Ro.Ho.P.o.N ... yes, let us all get together and start a new musical band! Unlike our current bands who break up every six months.. the current band to split is the MPRF.. the Madeshi rock band kyaaruh .. and it's not the first tyam.... fourth tyam rey! Just imagine 'New Kids on the Block' splitting over and over again and they are left with one guy hanging around the stage kya!

We the RoHoPoNs will stick together and no we won't steal from the rich ... and give it to the poor!
We will just make sure that these racketeers are held accountable and their ill-gotten wealth confiscated .. ani kay garney, tyo paisa lay sabai thau ma bato ghato, toilet soilet banau-ney...

So people from Jomsom can come down to Kathmandu for the weekend , sell their apples, make some dough and won't have to hugging out in the open while they travel kya!

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