Monday, May 16, 2011

The Hundred Days...

Jhallu Baba has celebrated his 100 days of his super hit film 'Jhaaloondar Mastakalandar' ... haha! Probably the wrong tyam to be the prime-monster kya! Prachandoo dada knew very well that this 'constitution' thing is not some Nepali pop geet ko lyrics that you can write by adding few words like 'Priyasi, Mayalu & lob-sob'....

Our so-called netas have never been able to get their act together. That's why the same shit keeps on repeating again and again. And the funny thing is that they keep on fighting with their own party members and spend their tyam , plotting each other's downfall!

They keep on bad-mouthing each other .... c'mon this ain't no school playground where kids call each other names and pick fights for 'erasers' and packets of Wai-Wais ni! I think they tend to forget that we have entrusted them with the responsibilities to give us hope for a better future.

You can give them sarkaari jobs to your cadres, share the loot with the tender-wallahs and make tons of money for your party kya! We are not asking for free-hand outs like them ... we ask nothing more than that you live up to your words!

Endless cycle of broken promises and yet we still continue to believe that one day, our so-called leaders will overcome their differences and find common ground! The only tyam our netas have gotten together is when they have to kick the former head coach out or loot the development budget meant for the poor people!

Jhallu Baba truly believes that he was anointed by God (Prachandoo Baba!) to give us the constitution and he won't leave Baluwatar till the mission is accomplished rey! Well, Prachandoo Baba is back from Thailand after visiting some 'foreign' God and he now wants the head coach's job again... so come May 28th... Jhaloondar will get a free SUV!

And our 'CA' member of the week prize goes to Mr. B Paswan.... he likes to throw them chairs and rip them papers and his shirt as well and dance around the CA Hall half-naked ! Well, this is what happens when them big fishes don't listen to you ... all because you are in the minority kya!

But Paswan could have done more if he had gone around slapping our so-called 'thulo' netas ni! Start a slap-fest ni ... and maybe we can watch it on TV since we seem to have batti all the tyam now!

And our big three idiots are already planning to send Paswan as our ambassador to Taiwan rey (I just made that up hai!) ... so that he can visit them Taiwanese MPs and learn more about fist-fighting hola ni! Or maybe Paswan is either on crack or is getting 'free' magic mushrooms!

Less than two weeks to go... no, I am tired talking about our so-called constitution. Who cares? Naya constitution lay batti, pani ruh petrol diney hoinuh kyaaruh.... jay jati nautanki garey pani ... all them netas will get their free rides, driver, security and bhatta satta.... baroo let us all get together and watch them UEFA Champions League final kya!

Yes, I am betting my Rs 420.00 on Barcelona.... and let me predict the score as well.... Messi will score twice and the final score is 3-1 .... so come May 28th.... let us forget about the constitution for another year while we eat cheese-cakes and drink beer (I don't drink but you can!) while Messi kicks some arse! Maybe Paswan should then dance naked around BICC hola!

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