Sunday, May 29, 2011

Republic Day.....

We celebrate 'Praja-tantra Diwas' ... that's when we brought King Tribhy back from Delhi. Then we celebrate 'Lok-tantra Diwas' that's when we brought King Prachandoo back from Delhi! And today, we celebrate 'Gana-tantra Diwas' ... the day our CA members decided to declare our nation, a Republic! Wow.. so many tantras... but still no mantras for peace hagi?

So let's all be happy and party .... because in the last three years, lot of 'ripping-off-the-public' going on by our so-called political parties and their chamchas ... innit?

As you can see.... the capital of Nepal is... Delhi.. hehe! But we should stop getting depressed kya! While we were watching Messi and his friends making fun of rowdy Rooney and his cronies... our great three idiots and their chamchas were working over-tyam! No chicken chilly, no beer seer, no wearing them football jerseys and having fun.... extending the CA is a serious job myaan.... so let's cut some slack for our corrupt clowns hai!

The SPAM (Seven Party Alliance + Maoist) signed them 12-point deal seal in Delhi so that they could stop Gyanu uncle from getting paid Rs 60 crores a year in bhatta-satta! Thank God... we are a Republic because now 600+ clowns get paid to do nothing instead of just one ni!

Then our comrades.. the MULA (Maoist+UML Losers Alliance) signed them 7-point deal in Prachandoo's bedroom and we had Jhallu Baba as our new prime-monster!

And now... Praise the Desis... we have a 5-point deal seal by our new rock band, the CUM (Congress-UML-Maoist) .... and according to this new deal..... our three idiots have agreed to extend their paychecks by another six months (three months pahila ani feri thup-thaap garney) but they will give us the first draft of the constitution in the next 90 days and they want to make Nepal Army more inclusive and Jhallu Baba will get a new SUV as he sings 'bye bye' !

Three years gone... .and we still don't have them first draft! When it comes to writing... them first draft sraft means nothing..... edit sedit garnoo paryo.... and finally two-third majority lay pass garnoo paryo.. hoinuh ruh? So .... our clowns will finally write them constitution in the next 180 days? I don't know..... we are still trying to figure out out these buffoons did for the last 1,000 days kya!

And everybody wants NA to be like our Nepal Police.... I don't know what this inclusive means.... the Madeshis want their own regiment, the Maoist want their own thing or does it mean that we want a thulo-jaati to be our army chief while a jan-jaati becomes a prime-monster?

If Prachandoo has such a NA-fetish then why not switch roles kya... it's only for another six months... General Gurung can be our pradhan-mantri and Prachandoo can be the army chief! Hey.. wait a minute... feri tyehi state capture rapture ko natak nai rahecha... hamro comrades haroo kya cha-laak chan hai!

And the Madeshi parties .... lai counter-sounter dee-naw abuh the Indy-Genius party kholney rey! Yes.. the NEFIN (Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities) guys are starting their own party rey! Nepali Citizens Party (NCP) is our new party in town... no more acting like NGO and getting funded by DFID hola ni!

Them Madeshi parties tell us that they are fighting for the people of Madesh... by drinking whisky with the Indian Ambassador and singing Bollywood songs with them RAW agents! Hope our Jan-Jaati party will not be running to the EU-wallahs and sing them Euro-trash dance numbers.. haha!

Abuh .. it's about tyam we also start our own parties kya! It looks like we will have the next general election by 2012... so let's all get ready to rumble! All them folks who hate the government and don't like the police solice... let's join the NAP (Nepal Anarchist Party) ... if you favor caning them mundrey goondas ... then join the PAP (People's Action Party) ... if you just want to be like any other party then join the BAP (Bandha Again Party)... lau sabai ladi badhai cha hai!

Congrats to our clowns for agreeing to disagree for the next six months. Congrats to our President... dear sir, please enjoy the military parade today @ Tundikhel... Congrats Barca and Messi.... Rooney can go to hell! And Congratulations to all of us ... it's tyam to be taken for another joy-ride by our netas again!

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