Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dinosaur's Last Stand...

Nepali Congress aka 'The Kangaroos' are still in the game. They did their rally sally today to show Kathmanduites that they still have some dough to hold a rally in the valley and disrupt our daily schedule like other political parties.

They might not have the money and the muscles like our Mao-buddies but they still can bring in truck loads of people into the valley and do some 'song and dance' routine! If Mao-buddies are like them gangsta rappers then Congressis are the 'old school' Run DMC haroo jastai kya!

What the Maoists were in the late 90s, Congressis were them bad-arses in the late 40s...hehe! Finally, they had the chance to govern in the 90s but they failed miserably. Well, not everything was bad... but we have to thank Girija for ghoosa-ing all 'rajniti' nataks in our sarkari offices!

If only Girija had acted like a statesman, rather than a trade union leader from Biratnagar then Congressis would have ruled Nepal for another hundred years hola! They had their chance then.... but the future for our dear old Nepali Congress party is now bleak kya!

It's like them are the dinosaurs.... and it's only about tyam... when we will only read about them in them history books ... because the Madeshi parties and the Maoists have taken over the game and will continue to come out with their 'geeti' albums for many more years hola! In the next few years, our Congressis will be like our 'Panchey' brothers! They will make some noise here and there , will have some local goondas to do a rally or two but their 'glory days' are over now!

Our Mao-buddies should learn a thing or two from our Congressis hola! What is? I don't know... don't get too excited if you win more votes than Prashant Tamang.. hehe! And we still have tyam for the next general election ... unless our comrades really capture this 'state' thing that they keep on talking about some Shikari Sambhu capturing some Jangali Janawar hola!

If we do get this 'constitution' thing on tyam (that is after we extend it for another year!) then comes another round of election to get our first 'real' government hola! I don't think our Mao-buddies will win them majority of seats ... so this 'sharing is caring' natak among our corrupt clowns will go on forever hola!

We will just have to get used to our netas selling their passports and making tons of money and not being held accountable at all. The Shumshers did it their way, the Pancheys had some fun, the Congressis had a blast and now the Mao-buddies are enjoying their success in the 'Billboard 100' .. so who is going to change the rules and make it difficult for these clowns to have fun ni?

Our so-called leaders talk about 'Democracy' and what not.... now it's all 'Republic' guff-suff.... but the system is still the same! Trying to get rid of an Army general is not changing the system! Replacing one sarkari hakim with another is not reforming the bureaucracy .. is it?

We have always believed in our netas.. always hoping that this time, things will finally be right and that we will have a system where meritocracy rules! We hope that one day, they will just wake up and do the right thing! What are them right things?

I don't know... but shutting down the country is not the right thing! Using our taxpayers money to live like a Sultan and sharing the loot with your cadres are not the right things! Telling us that you are working for the people while you hop on a plane to kiss some foreigner's arse is not the right thing kya!

So... when will our netas wake up? They won't .... and if our so-called young, smart folks and them intellectuals , buda-crowd really want to stand up, speak up and not shut up then they should get in the game and fight .... yes, if these clowns can form jpt political parties and act like they are above the law then you should all band together and show them that nobody is above the law!

Come next election, stand up and be a candidate ... you may get 5 votes and your friends might make fun of you for some tyam.... but it might inspire others and hopefully ... in the next 10-15 years.. we will have 'real' netas who will work for the interest of this great nation rather than just spend all their days , dreaming and scheming up ways to make billions of Rupees so that their children will live lives of luxury while millions of children live in poverty!

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