Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama & Osama

Osama is dead...rey and Obama ko poll numbers will probably get some boost hola but he should not worry too much... them tea-party wallahs will screw the Republicans come 2012... hehe!

Bush Sr. was sure that he would get to spend four more years @ the White House.... after the first Iraq war.... then his lips got burnt..haha.. and Billy Dai, the redneck from Arkansas just barged in with them cheese burgers kyaaruh!

So... you never know kya... them Amriki voters have short-term memory like Aamir Khan (tyo feelim ko!) ... so unless Obama can turn around the economy in 18 months ... not likely .... but looks like them tea-party clowns will be enough for another 'Obama' term... maybe this tyam... he can change his slogan from 'Yes We Can' to 'No, We Can't but it's Okay' or something like that!

Abuh 'Change We Can Believe In' batuh .. 'We can't change shit but hey .... nothing wrong in dreaming ...right?' hooncha hola ni!

So all this tyam... Binny Dai was hiding in Pakistan ... maybe Obama should ask the Pakistanis to refund them 20 billion dollars kya... and all it took was Chuck Norris to kill Osama rey!

Talking about Chuck ... maybe John McCain should ask Chucky to be his running mate hola... both are in their 70s ... One grumpy and another jumpy old man .. leading Amrika kya!

Well, if Chuck Hagel (let me google that for you... lmgtfy.com!..hehe) decides to run ... then he might actually win ... kaslay bhanya .. Guffadi ley! And Trump should shave his head and join some Hindu cult baroo... instead of making a fool of himself kyaaruh! Why am I talking about Amriki politics?

Anyways... Obama should now change his strategy hola... leave Iraq & Afghanistan ... baroo Pakistan ruh Saudi Arabia kabja garey kaso hola?

The Saudis fund all them so-called crazy wackos and the Pakistanis still love them Talibans kyaaruh... but yestai ho.... Saddam used to be Amrika's favorite dictator and look what happened to him! Gaddafi thought he was good .... with his 'No Nukie' for me deal... and now he can't find his 'Green Book' rey!

So... Osama was never in the cave save... he had millions of dollars.. but I guess no late-night calls and no facebook natak didn't work after all .. huh?

And our Prachandoo and gang were also not in them jungles eating Wai-Wai ni... uha haroo tuh Gurgaon ma Naan Saan kha-dai basya thiyo ni! Osama had his own dough while our Mao-buddies robbed them banks and were good at them extortion rackets kyaaruh!

Nowadays.. them Mao-meows own their own banks but they still haven't stopped them hafta-asooli nataks... fokat ma paisa aucha ani kaha choad-ney hoinuh ruh?

And looks like our communists are getting slapped .... first, it was Jhallu Baba.. then he became our Prime-Monster.. and now Mao-buddy Jhakku Baba was slapped by a Chiya Pasal sahuji rey! Hope the new 'Slapper' won't get whacked by our mobsters.. sorry... mao-buddies!

So... does that mean ... Jhakku will be our New Prime-Monster after May 28th?...hehe! And another Mao-buddy CA member was caught stealing electricity rey! Lau... I guess them Maoists are now into electric vehicles hola ni... maybe they got tired of riding them stolen vehicles.. you know.. them fuel shortages...kya!

While them Amrikis celebrate the 'OBL is dead' day... we also have something to celebrate kyaaruh... hehe... Rajesh Hamal has finally done his kamaal! He is going to get married rey! Lau badhai cha .. hamro super-star lai... Rajesh is 48 and his gawl-friend is 25 rey!

Well, age doesn't matter .... size doesn't matter... ... the only thing that matters is ... lob sob hoinuh ruh? So... Rajesh Dai.... please get married soon, leave Kollywood and start your own political party kya!

Instead of them Mao, Lenin, Stalin (three stooges) ko poster soster... we can have Rajnikanth, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan hola... Rajesh Dai should be our next Prime-Monster baroo! And he can keep the Desis happy because he has MA in English kya... and he went to school in Chandigarh ... so he knows some bhangra sangra as well hola!

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