Thursday, May 12, 2011

Super Sherpa.....

Sad news about Shailey Dai not making it as the oldest man on Everest ... but today, Apa Sherpa ... has done it again. This man has climbed Everest 21 tyams now.... I think he knows the route so well that he can walk to Everest blind-folded like we walk all the way to Bhaispaati... haha!

And them folks @ the Guinness World Records are probably mad at him hola... because every year he keeps on adding them numbers kya... hehe! Anyways, congrats to Apa and hope our so-called government will award him some prize srize as well!

While our CA members get 50K a month for doing nothing ... Apa gets nothing kyaaruh! Yestai ho ... Nepal ma!

The #1 business in Kathmandu these days is ... pick-up and drop-off .. hehe! Was at this place where they have 'Dharan ko Kalo Bangoor' ko Masoo! If you see like 5-6 folks who are talking loud, drinking and acting like they own the place then just take their picture sicture because they will be in the news for abducting or extorting folks kya!

Mr. Ram Lal gives Shyam Lal some 50 lakhs rey and Shyamey doesn't want to pay. So what do you do? Well, what will Ram Lal do (WWRLD)? Well, he can't go to the police because them chor-police will probably nab Shyam Lal, get the 50 lakhs and give Ramoo nothing!

So, he calls the hotline number ... hehe... and the goons show up! Their going rate is 40-50%. So the 'debt collectors' go to Shyamoo's house and kidnaps his son and threatens him. Shyamoo gives them 50 lakhs and Ramoo gets 50% back! So instead of getting nothing, he gets something ni!

And our 6 goons get 3 lakhs each while the rest goes to the main 'planner' rey! Our young hardworking folks from them villages go to the Middle East and dig ditches for Rs 10,000 a month while them lazy bums make lakhs in weeks by working in the 'debt' industry!

Even the YCLs are into the 'debt collection' business nowadays because you don't need to invest anything, except petrol setrol for them bikes and you can then afford to go to the 'Kalo Bangoor' masoo place and spend a thousand rupees for them snacks!

And what does Shyamoo do? Well, he had to pay Ramoo someday ... so he doesn't lose anything except some sleep hola... but why do people lend money to each other when they know very well that the other guy will not pay back kya?

A friend of mine works at them loan soan division for some bank and the goondas also come to his bank rey .... and offer him their services for a discount ... like 25% ... hehe! Yes, our banks, schools and hospitals and them business-wallahs have their own goondas kya!

So it's not only them netas and their chamchas hiring mundreys for them dirty work kya! The lesson of the day is ... don't lend your money unless you have your own goondas hola ni!

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