Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Warriors...

The Bandh season is in full swing... started with a Newa-Tamang combo platter and then came the jan-jaatis (indy-genius) folks doing their 'shut down' natak.. and now we have the 'Warriors' aka 'Chhetris' doing their thing! And maybe next week, the priestly class will do their holy chants as well!

We finally got rid of a 'King' and from one kingdom... we are now disintegrating into 24 fiefdoms hola! Everybody wants their rights but we tend to forget that with rights come them responsibilities kya!

But when our netas are not responsible then our so-called "fight for your jaat ko right sight" wallah will not listen to anyone hoinuh ruh? And the funny thing is that .. all our human-rights folks, so-called civil society leaders , jan-jaati fighters and the warriors who are now going around town with them bamboo sticks are all members of one political party or another!

And at the end of the day, we... the people get screwed while them bandh-wallahs get a free ride to Kathmandu and a 'masoo-bhat' for a day! And our 10+2 students had to do some hiking in order to give their exams! No wonder... our young folks want to get the hell out of this country, ramro sangaw pawd-naw pani na-pai-ney!

So what do our 'warriors' want? They want a different state like everybody else... they also want to be known as the 'indy-genius' and they want reservations in them state agencies rey! Lau jaa... hope the priestly class also demand their own state... but if they do that .. then most of our netas will have to move there and if they stand up for election then all our recent prime-monsters will have to battle it out in the priestly state hola!

And our Nepali Congress aka Kangaroos.. have ordered all their CA members to not leave town until May 28th! So that on D-Day .. our Kangaroos will be doing some hopping around BICC!

And our good for nothing AIGs (we have 8) ..... will be transferred to them so-called regional centers so that they can lead the 'war against goonda-gardi' before our great netas extend the CA term rey!

Lau badhai cha... why the hell do we need 8 AIGS? They really don't have anything better to do... they all hang out in the valley and make deals left and right and don't let the SPs run the show kyaaruh! I think it's about tyam.. we just get rid of our Nepal police because in the last 50 years, they have only protected the netas and their chamchas while them jantas are harassed and tortured!

The Maoists plan to do their rallies from Wednesday rey... lau jaa, maybe it's about tyam , we declare May as the 'month of bandhs' in our new constitution kya!

Yes.... come May, we all leave town and even our tourists will know that May is not the month to visit Nepal. This will really screw up the mountain-wallahs ko schedule ... because May is like the month to climb Everest kyaaruh! So.. maybe climb the mountain a month before ni... hoinuh?

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