Saturday, May 21, 2011

Naughty @ 40....

Bollywood has them dancing stars, action-hero-hira-lals and them 'I can do everything' superstars kyaaruh! Govinda could do no wrong in the 80s .... and he came back from the dead in the 90s thanks to David Dhawan and his 'too hot for Desis' comedy series...hehe!

Then Govinda got lost but he did become them MP but after five years of doing nothing for his constituency .. he decided to come back to Bollywood! Govinda should start doing them 'Uncle' roles hola... because he can't be a 23 year old like Aamir Khan or throw his t-shirt and dance around like Salman ni!

I think the best option for our superstar .. Govinda would be to do his own 'dancing' show on TV or open a 'dancing school' in Mumbai! Them pelvic thrusts don't work anymore in them Bollywood movies but will still do some chamatkar in the south kyaaruh!

Govinda has a Nepali Indian wife... so he can come to Kathmandu and do a Nepali movie or two.... maybe open another dancing school in Kathmandu as well! But if he still wants to do them Bollywood movies then he better do something with them 'No.1' series!

He has done Hero No.1, Beti No.1, Coolie No.1, Jodi No.1, Anari No.1, Aunty No.1 ... so what's left? How bout 'Dancer No.1' ..... a retired 'pelvic-thruster' who is in a coma for the last 20 years and suddenly he wakes up and decides to enter 'All-India Dancer No.1' competition and wins the 10 crores cash prize and gets his hero-ni who had waited for him all these years! Howzat?

Naughty@40 is anothe remake of them Hollywood movies... them Desis never fail to copy from the 'Amrikis'..... don't be surprised if some Desi director comes with the Desi version of Avatar or something!

Govinda is a 40 year old virgin , living the NRI life in London! And he happens to sleepwalk at night rey! So this must be our 'Desi formula' .... virgin=sleepwalking, not a virgin=less sleep but lotsa walking hola ni!

And like all NRIs from London... Govinda comes to India to get married to a simple, beautiful young girl but then we get all them BMC masala and paani puri nataks along the way!

Govinda ... stop acting like a buffoon ... do what you know best.... that is ... dance dance ... or just act like a guy from UP who wants some bhel-puri with his kisses or just speak 'hawa-taari' Angrezi even though your role clearly states that you were born and bred in London but still speak with your dada-ji's accent because it's in your jeans.. kya! Sorry .. meant genes but pelvic thrust chai khoi kata baatuh ayeko ho?

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