Friday, May 13, 2011

In My Country... There is Problem!

Well... the bandh season is now in full-swing! Thanks NEFIN (Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationality) for organizing today's bandh! Our EU folks fund NEFIN (ahiley samma tuh 10+ crores rey!) kyaaruh and they are not happy rey! They will stop them funding sunding NEFIN rey because our Bideshis don't like bandhs either even though their 'blue-plated' vehicles are safe!

DFID and them Euro-trash should know a thing or two about Nepali politics kya! There will always be folks burning tyres and hurling stones because that's what we are good at ni! Even them NEFIN folks are all affiliated to them political parties and our netas only know how to shut down the system kya!

Our netas and their chamchas would like to extend the CA's term by another year... so 50K a month for our CA members for one more year! I think our CA members should stop getting paid .... baroo, sell your 'Red' passports for 20 lakhs ni!

Our former 'Home' ministers still haven't returned them government vehicles and continue to get them driver sriver, fuel and maintenance expenses! Wow... it's good to be a Nepali Neta... if you were them British MP then them tabloids would be giving you a hard tyam for getting paid by showing your fake bills worth a few hundred pounds !

And in Nepal, our business-wallah don't have to pay a penny even if they (submit) fake VAT bills amounting to billions of Rupees! Faking it is bad..... well, not all kinds of fake-sake... is bad! Like.. fake orgasm... doesn't hurt anyone .... hehe but all them 'fake' entrepreneurs and our 'fake' civil servants have @#$ed up this country... so it's tyam we throw them 'fake' netas and all them arse-kissers down the well... sorry.. got carried away with that Borat song hola!

So.. thank you VAT Mohan Adhikari, our Finance minister for doing all you can to kiss Binod Chow-dhary's arse! Must smell like Wai-Wai hagi?

Them UML youth organizations plan to gather like 50,000 communists and gherao the CA building rey! Lau badhai cha.... and how come our Mao-buddies are quiet? They were supposed to gather 500,000 communists and take over Kathmandu hoinuh ruh?

Oh... I forgot... the Mao-buddies are part of the 'dream team' ni.. uni haroo nai sarkar ma bhaye pachi... only mo money (for our communists!) but no problem (because they don't have to worry about fuel suel ni!) .. so why complain hola ni! If the UML-Congressi was in the driver's seat then our Mao-buddies would have probably burned down all the petrol pumps and Kathmandu would shut down for a week or two hola!

And thank you ..... Mr. Mahara, our 'Home' Minister.... for stopping them 'SPs' haroo ko transfer! Now, you can decide where to send the most ghoos-khori police-wallahs to them urban areas where they can make $$$ while the 'real' no source-force SPs will be sent to Siberia!

Even during them so-called "People's War" .... them police-wallahs sent to Rolpa, Rukum and them remote areas were all without them source-force... while the ghoos-khoris were living in them cities! Yestai rahecha.... yeha ko chalan!

Lastuh ma gayera, sabai paisa ko khel rahecha! And finally, our Mao-buddies who work in them casinos will get paid .... kasari? Well, now all them gamblers, pimps and jagga dalals can go to them casinos again! Yes, Mahara has asked the Kathmandu SP to stop violating the rights of Nepali gamblers rey!

So... don't hang out at them restaurants after dark.. go to the casino, get free booze and food , gamble your house away so that them union-wallahs @ them casinos can make a living! Yes ... help your fellow workers kya!

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  1. that's quite a hateful song and everybody's laughing and enjoying. i wonder if the audience were aware of what "Borat" was singing about.