Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not Safe in Jail....

Yunus Ansari is in jail for 'nakkali' notes and drug srug byapar! And he has to thank his father, Salim Miya Ansari, former minister for all them cash to start them television company!

And them Indian hit-men haroo... have it easy in Kathmandu! They whacked Jamim Shah, (arko media tycoon) in broad daylight ... tyo pani .. Lazimpat ko jaam ma! And our Nepal police have no clue ... I think they should start reading them 'Agatha Christie' ko novel sovel haroo!

I don't know ... but Nepal ma ... yee sabai dui numberi (No.2) haroo kinnuh media business ma laag-chan? Khoi.. chor haroo lai pani kay kay soakh hoonay ho?

Central jail .. is like Nepal ko sabai bhanda thulo jail sail! How the @#$! did this Indian guy bring a pistol inside the jail and then fired at Ansari ? Yes, Ansari is a crook but hamro Nepali police will win the 'biggest crook' award! Abuh jail ma pani security chaina... kaha chai gaye-raw looknay ni hamra goonda haroo?

Our gangsters like to go to jail because they don't have to worry about getting shot in Lazimpat... but now.. they better wear them 'bullet-proof' jackets ni! Jasjeet Singh... hid them pistol in his undies rey and he was meeting Charles Sobhraj rey and then he saw Yunus and then took out his gun and fired at him rey!

I guess them security folks just check your pockets hola ni! Or maybe Jasjeet has a big schlong and the pistol couldn't be found when our police bhai did them body-search hola ni!

Yunus Ansari got hit in his arm sarm... he is doing okay! Jasjeet Singh (I hope that's his real name!) is drinking chiya and boasting about his 'natak' and our Nepal police has transferred 50 cops from the Central jail ... ani sabai Sub-Inspector bhanda taluh ko maatrai!

Last tyam, when Jamim Shah was murdered... two police constables .. tyo Lazimpat ko police beat ma basney were fired kyaaruh! Nepal ma yestai ho... sano manchey haroo lay laat khancha, thulo manchey haroo chahi badel ruh bhaat.. hehe! The Home Minister should resign and kunai SSP ko jaagir khos-noo paryo ni!

Oops.. forgot that we don't have a 'Home' minister... hahah! And Nepal police are busy counting them cash from the local goondas that whenever shit happens... they either fire or transfer them police wallahs here and there!

And Jasjeet Singh wins the award for 'dumb hit-man' of the year hola! He was offered 1.5 million Indian rupees rey! I think he was offered more... 10 million hola.. or else he is a very stupid hit-man, trying to shoot somebody inside them jail sail!

Ansari's dad blames them RAW saw, Indian Embassy and them Lucknow gangsters! Yes, Salim Ansari is right! Them Indian police, gangsters and sadhus can come to Nepal and do their thing and our government doesn't care!

Salim is a big daku, his son is a big-tyam drug dealer but when you play with them 'nakkali' Indian notes then of course.. them Indians will be worried ni! And when our Nepal Police, netas and government officials are for sale... then it's not that hard for them Desis to fly to Kathmandu, hang around for a month or two and kill a Nepali citizen!

Moral of the story ... chai.. don't deal in fake Indian note sote... or else them Desis will come to Kathmandu and finish you off kya! Baroo... go West... I mean.. how about them Amriki bills kya?

Don't worry.. them Amrikans will not come to the city and shoot you, they will probably take you all the way to Amrika (fly like a G6... myan!) and you can eat them mashed potatoes and maybe improve your 'accent' sack-cent pani! Desi ko haat batuh marnoo bhanda tuh Amriki TV show hare-noo nai jaati ni .. hoinuh ruh?

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