Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cricket World Cup ...

We may never reach them World Cup ... be it football (soccer for our NRNs in Amrika!) or cricket or kabbadi ... but we Nepalis.. sure love them major sporting events... don't we?

Sabai 'generator' bhaako restoo-rant haroo tuh pack sack ... hijo! Hope we will be playing in the Cricket World Cup soon... hamro youngsters haroo lai ramro diet, training ruh bhatta-satta diyo bhaney kehi hola jasto cha hai!

The Pakistanis should have listened to them 'Fateh Ali Khans' qawwalis before they started their game same ni.... well, the Desis are now into the finals and hope the Sri Lankans are listening to MIA and are pumped up hola ni!

Oops... sorry, MIA tuh LTTE ko fan san ho kyaruh... the only thing I remember about Sri Lanka is them LTTE! No ... it's not them 'Letter To The Editor' ni feri... it's them 'Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam' ... kya!

Oh.. I forgot ... and I still remember them tyam when one Sri Lankan soldier tried to bat some sixes on Rajiv Gandhi's head kyaaruh! He failed... but them Desis are now funding our 'Madeshi' armed outfits... and one day... don't be surprised if they come here with their so-called 'peace-keeping' mission like they did in Sri Lanka!

Talking about them sporting events... I think Gaddafi should ask for a 'camel race' or something! Sarkozy is trying to be the 'leader' of them coalition ... against Libya... so Gaddafi ... this is your last chance kya! Yes, Gaddafi vs Sarkozy... if G-man wins then he gets Carla Bruni and she can sing to him ... all them lob songs!

If Sarkozy wins... then what? Well, the French and them other kuireys can have them oil soil kya... and what about Gaddafi? He can go to Uganda or maybe buy a chateau in France and live happily ever after ... with his 'bodyguards-ni'! At the end of the day... them kuireys do give you a deal kya!

Poor Saddam... if he had taken them deal seal.. he wouldn't be caught in them filthy hole, eating snickers and what not kya! Well, Gaddafi is no Saddam... and them Libyan rebels are not organized.. I think our great Comrade Ram Bahadur Thapa (RBT aka Raaga Bacon Tomato), and Pampha Bhusal didi ko lover... should fly to Libya and train them rebels!

Ye.. sorry... RBT would be fighting for Gaddafi ... because .. once upon a tyam, RBT did go to Libya and did get his training sraining from them Libyans kyaaruh! I think he has a Gaddafi ko poster soster somewhere in his room hola!

Anyways.... this Saturday... the Desis will be under pressure to win the final ... I hear them Sri Lankans are them complete package rey! I have known Sachin Tendulkar since them 90s... (well, I also know the Pope, Obama and Sujata aunite... bhanya jastai kya!) but I am rooting for them Sri Lankans... no I am not anti-Desis like our netas!

I love Sameera Reddy, Pav Bhajis and Johnny Lever but this tyam... for Sri Lanka!

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