Monday, March 28, 2011

Brave Gurkhas.....

What's wrong with our Gurkhas? British Army ko Gurkha soldier was recently awarded them 'Conspicuous Gallantry Cross' ... for his bravery! If Stallone hears about this ... he will probably stop making them 'Rambo' movies hola!

Acting Sergeant Dip Prasad Pun fought off 30 talibans... alone and if Mohan Baidya really wants to invade India then he better have folks like Pun on his side!

Many months ago, Bishnu Shrestha, a retired Indian Army ko Gurkha soldier took voluntary retirement and was heading home when 40 dakus entered the train and started looting and shooting! What did Bishnu do? Well, he fought them off , injuring eight and the rest fled kyaaruh!

Now, the Indian army wants him back and he gets free 'railway' tickets, cash prizes and what not from them Desi government! Don't be surprised if Sunny Deol is a Gurkha soldier in Gadar II!

I hope someday we will hear them news about our Nepal army ko Gurkha soldier kicking at least 20 janaa ko arse sarse kya! Khoi... hamro army ko ration sation, training sraining ali kum ho ki kay ho?

If we look at our Nepal police.. all them officers are moto-ghaato and them constables are all looreys .. khana naw-kha jasto! And instead of better training, bhatta and ration ... they just carry their bamboo sticks, chew Pan Parag and get drunk on duty! Ye.. and not to forget ... we don't have a Navy but our police-wallahs can curse more than them sailors kya!

Well.. we can't blame the laathi-chargers ... for they still act like they did during them Panchey days and our NA still acts like it's 1931.. heheh.. Rana Sashun ko bela jastai! While the police-wallahs talk like they never went to school ... our NA folks still use the 'Rana' bhasa.. haha!

Them police-wallahs will say ... 'Sir, Yo R@#! ko C@#$ lai muh thok-dim?' .. ani Nepal army ma chahi 'Shaap, Hajur lay marji hos, muh yeslai thoki haalchoo..' hahah!

My Uncle was in the NA once... hahah... he went from talking like this .. 'Ye.. Bhat khanoos' to ... 'Hajur Jew Narayan gari-see-eos ki boxy-see-wos' .. or something like that ...BS!

And a friend of mine married some general ko chori and whenever he calls his mother-in-law ... he goes ... 'Hajur Maha-raani... something baksi something gari-see-wos..'

The Ranas left the building 60 years ago.. the Shahs are leaving as well.. but we really can't blame our LMG (Limbu-Magar-Gurung) army generals and other 'khandaani' folks to act like them RST (Rana-Shah-Thakuris) ... because .... at the end of the day ... we all want to be 'Shree Tin' Maharaja kya!

Yesto bela ma chahi.... it's good to be a kuirey kya.... Hilly Billy (Clinton) can dine and wine with the Queen of England and so can Jorge Bush (The Conneticut Yankee ko naati!) ... Nepal ma tuh you can be a broke-arse 'Thulo' Jaat and still act like them 'Czars from Russia' .... well then the Bolsheviks crashed the party ni!

Ani.. what about our Bolsheviks.. well they are a different kind kyaaruh.. it was never their intention to crash the party... they just wanted to get the invite and join in the fun kya! So let us all thank the Desis for organizing such wonderful events for the last 60 years ... hahah!

And who the @#$! woke up one day and decided to call 'Bhat' ... Bhoooja kya! No wonder.. Upendra Yadav always wants them 'Foreign' ministry... he doesn't want bhat or bhooja.. he wants some rice hola ni!

Only them army generals and police ka thula officers get fat and rich while rest of them soldiers have to either kiss them arses or work like slaves... yestai ho hamro Nepal ko system kya!

And we have 200,000+ security folks ... and they are busy working as personal security guards for our netas, foreign embassies and if you are them army or police ko ration ko thekey-daar then you can have few guards for yourself as well!

Them Madeshi armed outfits are blowing up them public buses... three incidents in three days and our netas and prime-monster are busy with them rafting trip srip! Yes, please enjoy rafting shafting ... while we live in fear!

Our so-called government likes to hand out millions of rupees to them so-called martyrs and combatants and everybody who happens to be in some political party or another... but if you are an ordinary law-abiding citizen then you are worth nothing!

And today... them Madeshi armed outfits are using the same play-book written by our great comrades... remember them Madi victims.... the Maoists blew up a passenger bus, killing them innocent folks and till this day... their families have not been compensated! I guess our lives are not worth much kyaaruh!

The Maoists tell us that they fought for us... The Madeshi armed outfits are now telling the people from Terai that they are fighting for their rights... we have heard it before.... and one day... don't be surprised if the commanders of them armed outfits become our mantris... and then we will have to forget their atrocities... and just go on with our lives!

Madesh will keep on burning... and our security folks will be busy providing security for our netas ... and what do we, the public do to stop this fire from engulfing us all?

I don't know.. all we can do is pray and hope .... that we are not next! While the world hears about our brave Gurkhas.. we are waiting for them to come home and save us because our Gurkhas here can't save themselves!

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  1. on gurkhars:
    I think this whole talk about bahaduri and glorification is bullshit....I think gurkhas serving in british forces are mercenary...
    I see this as a guy going all the way to Uk to train to kill some people and quite fittingly getting a reward for killing the employer's 'enemies'....a job well done!!
    I am really surprised when people say they are 'proud' at what this guy has done.....I can't quite relate to this sense of 'pride'.
    I think this as a case of a mercenary killing some natives for an invading army!! can't see objective difference from the african gunmen allegedly hired by guddafi to shoot at the protesters!!