Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gaddafi ko Guff...

Libya is burning .. but our so-called civilized nations are only worried about them 'oil' prices kyaaruh! Now, Gaddafi and his 'chamchas' are busy attacking their own people with all they got... tanks skanks, plane slane.. daang-doong abuh po soo-roo bhayo tuh!

And this is not Egypt... so if the 'Western' world don't act now ... then them Libyans will be butchered by "Brotherly Leader and Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" aka Gaddafi!

Gaddafi has been ruling Libya like his 'khet-baari' for the last 41 years! They have some oil soil.. and population pani khaas dherai chaina kyaaruh... like... 6 million+ and if you thought Saddam was worse... Gaddafi not only speaks and acts like a hobo but dresses like one as well!

Ani... Mao ko 'Red Book' bhanya jastai ... Gaddafi has his 'Green Book' .. so if you memorize all them 'hawa-taari' guffs from the 'Green Book' then you are safe .. or else Gaddafi is going to take your house, family, goats and banish you for the next 100 years rey!

Gaddafi is a crazy wacko... we all know that ... but them kuireys will make deals left and right as long as they make some money out of it! For years, Gaddafi supported all anti-West radicals and terrorists .. and then few years ago.. he was like .. 'okay.. I have had it .. let's be friends' and the West welcomed him like he was their 'man'...

Them Italians made millions from them weapons deal and billions from them oil contracts and everybody was happy buying them Libyan oil soil! And Gaddafi should have learned a few things from Saddam and Mubarak pani... the West will love you as long as you make money for them ... or you support their foreign policy nataks but if the tide begins to change then you better grab your 'billions' and run for the hills kya!

Amriki haroo pani kum chaina hai... few months ago, they were planning to sell ... 50+ armored vehicles (77 million amriki dollars!) to the Libyan army kyaaruh.. abuh tyo deal seal pani scrap wrap bhayo hola ni!

And when it comes to them fashion sashion.. Prabal Gurung can step aside.. hahah! Gaddafi will give our 'Rauteys' a run for their towels and bed-sheets! Gaddafi must be smoking crack ... because if he sees some nice 'curtains' .. then the next day.. it will be his dress sress kyaaruh!

He only travels with his 40+ 'female' bodyguards! And they have to be virgins rey! I have no idea .. but Gaddafi says .. he is empowering them women rey!

Abuh... it's time them UN-wallahs do something for them Libyan people but of course... the West only cares about oil and don't want to rock the boat until it's too late! Obama... do something myaan! Nobel Prize tuh paayee sakyo abuh arko kay prize dinoo paryo Sir-ji lai?

So.. let us pray of our brothers and sisters in Libya (and our Nepali migrant workers there.. hope all of them come back home safely!)... hope they get rid of Gaddafi soon or maybe we should send John Galliano (fired by Dior!) there and help the Libyan leader with his outfit!

Baroo... why not ship him to Italy (since he has them investments there!) ... he has all the money soney to buy Christian Dior and maybe John can design 'funny curtains' once again.. hahah!

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