Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is There Anybody Out There?

Looks like our justices are busy working unlike our civil servants and them netas... UML CA member, Mr. Dol Bahadur Karki will have to eat Jail ko dal bhat for six months rey! He was arrested last year for accepting Rs 100,000.00 from some bloke who wanted to be a police inspector!

I hope Dol will be sent to Bhadra-Gol Jail ... ani news ko headlines ma 'Dol in Gol' bhaney-ruh pawd-nuh paucha ni! Wagle must be busy telling his 'gau khaney katha' @ Dilli Bazar ko jail ... he might even inspire them inmates to get into politics or he can learn a thing or two from our chors on how to use them netas to get out of jail sail! Oops... he was a neta once kyaaruh.. haha!

So I guess Wagle will just have to spend them tyam syam writing his autobiography hola ni.... "They got away .. but I didn't or couldn't or why me... Lord?" khoi title chahi abuh maybe them Fine Print wallah (book publisher) will help him figure it out hola ni!

And according to my sources, Surya B. Thapa , our Prime-Monster from the Pancheys to Pacheys II samma.. hahah is working on his bio sio rey and yes... Jagadamba will publish this one.. abuh khoi kahiley auney ho bazaar ma.. hope it's not like Mark Twain ko jastai... 100 years pachi .. hahah!

The Supreme Court has ordered PADT (Pashupati Area Development Trust) to let other ethnic and religious groups to bury their dead in them forest near Pashupati until them final verdict serdict rey!

I hope PADT will not create another natak again or maybe they just want some dough from the Christians and the Kirantis.... thank God... our Supreme Court is in action ... because our civil servants and netas are only good at 'I will look into it' nataks and leave us with no solutions to them problems!

It's about tyam them Hindu fundamentalists realize and also acknowledge that religious freedom is a basic human right and not everyone prays to the Shiva ko thing, reads Swasthani and wear them tikas ni! But what do you expect from communists who are busy visiting temples and doing pujas to pray to them Gods so that they can hold onto them koorchis ?

Prachandey Dai was busy doing Yoga with Ram Dev baba... Makune was visiting all them tantric-gurus and Jhallu Baba even did a puja suja when he moved to Baluwatar kyaaruh! Nothing wrong with that.. but myan.. you guys are supposed to be communists kya! Baroo .. wake up every day and pray to Marx or Lenin or Stalin or Mao or all them crazy wackos ni!

While our airlines and them so-called local leaders fight over them 'bhaada' in them rural areas ... a pregnant lady dies waiting for help ... now whom do we blame? Well, blame the poor for they have no one to run for help and nobody will listen to their cries ... private airlines are there to make money and either our so-called netas should build roads in them gau sau or subsidize the cost of ferrying the sick to them city hospitals!

Our tourism mantri acts like he has done them villagers a favor by rolling back them air fare hike sike .. them local netas will take credit pani... but them villagers can't afford them helicopters or plane slane.. every tyam someone is sick... they will either have to take out loans just to be able to afford them plane tickets!

Every year, the government hands out them funds to the District Development Committee kyaaruh and instead of building them road soad, health posts and what not ... our so-called local level leaders sit down together @ them CDO ko office and share the loot .... and it doesn't matter if our media publishes them stories every day ... nobody cares... and we can't always wait for the Supreme Court to take action against the corrupt ... can we?

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