Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Holi.....

Back then... Holi used to be fun... Kathmandu ma dhaa-ra ma paani pani au-thyo ani ki chahi balteen ki balloon salloon ma paani bhaw-rey-ruh afnai tole baasi sangaw Holi Soli khel-in-thyo!

Nowadays... plastic bags filled with fohor paani, mobil sobil , dhoonga soonga raakhey-ruh lola haanchan kyaaruh! It took us 60 years to be a Republic hola ... but along the way .. we have lost our civility we-bility pani kyaaruh?

'Civilian Supremacy' ko naara tuh Maobadi lay khoob fookya-thyo ... abuh I hope our "People's Volunteers" will be walking around them tole sole and do some kar-wai if they see some jackasses playing Holi .. the way it is not supposed to be celebrated!

I think them Terai folks do the 'Holi' thing the right way hola! No lolas ... only colors and bhaang saang and dancing to them 'Amitabh' hits sits hahah!

And talking about our Madeshi leaders... our dailies report that all them Terai netas have their own FM stations, newspapers and what not rey... kay ho sabai Madeshi neta haroo abuh Madeshi media tycoon shy-coon banney dhoon ma ho ki kya ho?

And by the way... abuh 'Miss Terai' pani hoodai-cha kyaaruh... lau hai ... abuh 'Miss Pahad' pani hooncha ki... baroo sabai Misses haroo ko winners batuh nai Miss Nepal select garney ho ki?

The last tyam ... I participated in them 'Holi' balloon fight -sight was back when I was 14 ... and some 'crazy' guy chased me with a butcher's knife because I refused to get my face painted with funny colors kyaaruh!

Ani .. 2 barsa agaadi ... I thanked him for his 'attempted murder' natak by giving him a 50K loan (rupees maa!) and he took the money soney, paid them manpower agencies and flew (or fled!) to Norway. He is now busy minting money making them Norwegian cake sake in some bakery rey!

After a year ... I got his 'Norway' number and called him for ... like a month.. he was like .. 'bhai.. muh bholi nai paisa pathai-dinchoo!' .. abuh bholi bholi bhanda bhan-dai .. .Holi nai ayee-sakey cha.. haha!

And now whenever I call.. he acts like there is them bad reception or he has them ear infection sin-fection ... hahah!

Anyways.. .wishing all of you a very Happy Holi Soli.. have fun.. I will just stay home and read some book sook... because I don't want to play with them colors solors and then find out that ghar ko paani tankie ma no water... then I will have to go to work the next day... like I am some 'Grateful Dead' ko fan san (well... I am but..) .. hahah!

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